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  1. Swede

    Had a rough month

    Hi y'sguy, I'm sorry to hear your struggles. I don't have any experience with neck surgery, but I have lost some great fur kids recently. The sadness is a measure of how these animals become dear family members. There's no shame in crying. Our last dog died in October and I still tear up sometimes. I have his dog tag on my sling pack, so he and I can still go fishing together. Be well
  2. Swede

    Nice fish

    Well, you just don't see that every day. Heck of a nice fish James!
  3. Swede

    40 on the 4th

    Goodness that's another nice fish and another one under the bright sun! Well done James.
  4. Swede

    A quick report

    Gorgeous fish and great report. Thanks!
  5. Swede

    Happy 4th!!

    Happy 4th to you as well. Great pictures! Looks like a banner day.
  6. Swede

    Fishing as Exercise

    Wild rainbows (with the par markings still on them) are some of the prettiest fish I know. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
  7. Swede

    Spring overview

    Wow! Those photographs are wonderful. You have a really great eye for composition. Thanks for sharing. —Erik P.S. Good looking pup too.
  8. Swede

    New best sight fishing!

    Good on you James! You invest an admirable amount of time and effort and it is good to see it paying off. Peace, Erik
  9. Swede

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    Nice job!
  10. Swede

    Had a morning

    Right on James! She's a beauty.
  11. Swede

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers' Day to you too James. My girls continue to be one of the best parts of life for me. Got out yesterday evening with a friend who is another one of the good dads. No keepahs, but plenty of fun with fish measuring high teens - low twenties and a wicked good sunset. Peace, Erik
  12. Swede

    More rainbows

    Love the photographs! Thanks for posting.
  13. Swede

    The season is here

    Very cool Kevin. I look forward to following this thread.
  14. Swede


    I'll add a vote for Rock Bass (Ambloplites rupestris). They were the most frequent bycatch I encountered, when I was growing up and fishing for smallmouth and perch on Lake Ontario. --Erik
  15. Swede

    Brookie Magic

    Those are some beautiful trout GL. Thanks for the pics and sharing the flies that worked for you. Cheers!