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  1. AK Skim

    No Trespassing!

    In 3rd grade Mrs. Sullivan, asked he how I spell aligatah. She said I was wrong.. How could I be wrong if that is the way I spell it?
  2. AK Skim

    Cortland 333 WF floating fly line

    Let's face it, average cast is less than 40 feet. You got yourself a nice deal.
  3. AK Skim

    Ny fishing well

    If I had to guess... LFZ
  4. AK Skim

    Son of a b....

    Forrest Gump had a saying.. and it is not the one about the chocolates.
  5. AK Skim

    Winter tying.

    I tie all year long. Every week. During weekdays more than 50% between 0300 - 0530, and the rest when I return home from work. Helps keep my sanity ...
  6. AK Skim

    Red Eagle

    Nice ...
  7. AK Skim

    Calling It A Night

    It takes a little getting use to in regards to the size (length). I had to move my C-clamp over about 4 inches to compensate between the Regal and the TRV. I have a habit of resting my left hand on the vise, and last week it was the first time I noticed just how comfortable it was. I have tied just over 10 dozen flies and one thing that I really like about it is that you don't have to clamp down hard on the hook for it to hold it securely. Rather surprising just how little pressure is needed. Yesterday I was at a fly tying event while adding chenille it was the first time I used the rotary, it was SWEET... I haven't found any where it is lacking. I am very comfortable with the vise.
  8. AK Skim

    Salmon River Report 2017

    APOLOGIES ARE WARRANTED... The thread was moving along getting closer to the first run up there and just ended... Had many a plan for the up coming salmon season and .... NOTHING Till now. Health issues got in the way. Took a bit to .. get back on my feet. So I look forward to the up coming 2018 Salmon River season and Report. As always, AK Skim
  9. AK Skim

    why do I need a high end rod

    GLoomis and Abel Reels Simple and direct.. because I can afford it. But I wear LL Bean waders......... Go Figure
  10. AK Skim

    Calling It A Night

    Last Vision... of the evening.
  11. AK Skim

    Has Anyone Tied and Tried This Fly?

    October Caddis Euro Nymph
  12. AK Skim

    Has Anyone Tied and Tried This Fly?

    October Caddis Soft Hackle
  13. AK Skim

    Salmon River Report 2017

    DSR Sept. 2017 Dime Bright Coho
  14. AK Skim

    Salmon River Report 2017

    Youtube video posted Sept. 8, 2017 Looks like he is just below the Black Hole, public fishing area.
  15. AK Skim

    Salmon River Report 2017

    Salmon River Sports Shop Report 9.13.2017 Nice push of female Coho's and male Brown's working there way up river threw the lower half public fishing!!! Best bait Red and Orange from egg sacs to flies!!!!!