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  1. so as I get older (and hopefully wiser ) I really like the idea of spoiling myself "relatively speaking ..so I have done considerable research on trying to find the perfect set up 1 not crowded ( as in not like Rangeley ! or like the EO can be ) relative peace and quiet 2 some stream fishing options ,mixed with some good pond fishing ,and of course being spoiled a little I have narrowed it down to two places Red river camps , and Nahmakanta camps this would be either the first full week in June ..or the 2nd now let the opinions, recommendations, and intel/suggestions begin PM's if you so choose
  2. cdc

    A nice brook trout

    NICE ! I have 4 of those in the 10-14" range in my freezer along side a nice 20" salmon ..you see the wife likes her salmon ,but not real big on the trout ..so we both got what we wanted :-)
  3. cdc

    When to keep or kill a fish?

    Jimbob ,without going into great detail ..wink.. wink ..nudge.. nudge ..you are partly responsible for a conversion in me and my way of thinking :-) especially where its seems very appropriate
  4. cdc

    reel on rod cases

    am I wrong to think that these reel on rod rod cases are designed for you to slide your broken down but rigged fly rod into the case ..then move on to your next destination ? if so who is the brain surgeon that thought it was a good idea to line these things with thin ..non protective cloth sleeve that serves absolutely no purpose but serve as place for you to get your fly snagged o n about 50% of time you put the rod away or try and remove ..come on man who wants to get to your truck ..take the fly off ..reel it all up ..break it down and put it away ..drive a bit then have to put it all back together again ..what a pain in the A&%
  5. cdc

    What’s your favorite spring time fly

    a small zonker style blackgost .. or a small olive bugger ..both real slow and deep
  6. cdc

    East Branch Penobscot River

    hopefully Cap ..see's this post ..pretty knowledgeable guy especially that neck of the woods ..
  7. cdc

    Shortline nymphing

    tight line nymphing is a whole other world in a good way, triple your hook ups to conventional nymphing , I got a lot of pointers from folks on this board last winter and employed them last season... it was a game changer for me..i didn't necessarily catch fish in places I didn't think they would be in(I did do that ) ..I just caught more fish in the places they should be in.. if that makes sense
  8. cdc

    How Low can the Flow go

    actually its right on time .. for the fish that is !! us fishermen will survive with less than optimal conditions ..the trout on the other hand ?? ..so the timing is perfect ..we put up our gear and the rains come :-)
  9. cdc

    The rivers are packed

    just opposite ..they will only get worse in the next 7 days ..best thing I ever did was give up on the "big water " looking for bigger fish and started chasing natives on those little obscure little blue lines :-)
  10. cdc

    Which is your Favorite and why?

    6-12" brook trout on a secluded stretch of wild trout stream all by myself is nirvana for me
  11. cdc

    Do you dope?

    when I was a teen ,fishing off the trestle between Sebago lake and sticky river ..watched a guy and his two young boys catch there limit ( 2 fish each ) of salmon ,no one else was getting much of anything and he was lighting it up ..turned out he was spitting tobacco chew on the worms they were using.. honest to god when he left me and my buddy went where he was and rolled our worms around in the dirt where he had been spitting ..and you guessed it ...FISH ON !
  12. cdc

    Air - Lock Strike Indicators

    I use the thingamabobbers when I use and indicator ..the ones I have are called Jamstop thingamabobbers ..little tapered peg that you jam into the hole ..no kinking of the leader ..works great
  13. cdc

    Is the extra cost worth it to you?

    I agree with Arrow ,wading boots and rain gear are the important stuff ( I can make a 150 dollar pair of waders last 6-8 years because I only where them about 6-8 times per year ) the rest of the time is wet wading ..so comfortable feet is important ,and nobody wants to fish when there soaked to the bone
  14. cdc


    morning all , anyone have any idea what would be considered "high water" on the Meduxnekeag river ..looking at the data on USGS and averages and means ,and all that good stuff ..it looks like todays flow of 1190 cfs would be considered High or moderately high ,and from what I could see on trends and past data that somewhere in that 600-700 cfs range appears to be a "good flow " for some fishing .. I will be up that way this memorial weekend for 3 days of fishing ,and just curious if I am watching the flows fall nicely into place or if that flow 600-700 would still be to high ..probably going to go check it out anyways but was curious if anyone had any personal knowledge thanks
  15. cdc

    Flies for brooks in May

    small streamers ..wooly buggers , baby muddlers , small black ghost .. ,swing some wet flies ..march brown ,black Nat .. professor , olive,tan and PT soft hackles ..they are just starting to look up ..I found water yesterday 53-54 degrees and took some fish on all of the above, conditions are just starting to take shape