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  1. flyspoke.blogspot

    Two hand striper rod

    The sun was shinning, fish were busting close to the curl and a bunch of guys with two hand rods showed up for the clinic. I want to say thanks to all who attended and especially to Alan for the inspiration to put this together. I hope you picked up a few ways to cast and fish that will increase the range of your ability and angling success. In Search Of The Perfect Cast William
  2. flyspoke.blogspot

    Egg patern

    Size 12 or 10 curved hook with straight eye works fine. Have different size egg balls in a number of colors. Glo Bug Yarn and Eztaz are my favorites.
  3. flyspoke.blogspot


    I have no idea on glow in the dark lines but for night time beach I use a Braille Knot. Lefty Kreh created the idea and named by Craig Buckbee. You take some 7x tippet and tie a small knot on your shooting line exactly where you need it to be for your next cast. Cover with AquaSeal. You strip in until feeling the knot in your fore grip hand and you are ready to cast. Slight open loop helps staying safe in the dark.
  4. flyspoke.blogspot

    Two hand striper rod

    Yes Ron, it appeared on the beach during low tide at Place Cove in New Hampshire. Someone worked very hard to build these Cairns. They must have graduated from sand castles. Here are a few in Scotland.
  5. flyspoke.blogspot

    Two hand striper rod

    For anyone who will attend our get together on June 4, I want to give you a heads up on what to expect and what to bring. For this free clinic, Alan and I will be explaining and demonstrating the techniques and styles that make up two hand salt water casting. I expect we will spend 2 to 3 hours learning and casting. We will talk about how a two hand rod functions and why. How to create power and transfer to energy. We will also be explaining the various types of lines that work in the salt. I really do appreciate this opportunity in response to knowing Alan for the last number of years. Alan was a caster in the first two hand class I gave 7 years ago. Please bring with you all that you would expect to need to fish the out going tide. The clinic is timed so we will have the last 3 to 3 1/2 hours of that tide to fish. Please make sure you leave all flies off your rod until the clinic is over. Bring waders, eye protection, sun block, striping basket, two hand rod if you have one, water, phone fully charged and food for yourself if you want. I will have tippet, line cleaner and yarn fly material. Going to be fun and I look forward to the day. Feel free to give me a call if you need any further info. William 603-501-9511
  6. flyspoke.blogspot


    My suggestion is to use it the way it is. Taking the chance, especially if you are not a builder, to nick or scratch the blank is not worth it. If, in the future, the wraps start to be a problem then fix them. Get in touch with JP Ross now and have them tell you the thread used so you have it to match exactly if needed.
  7. flyspoke.blogspot


    First, don't get hung up on style. There are some very good casters who use their wrist. Most of us will find it better to keep what Shelia Hassan calls a neutral wrist. Here's a tip I picked up from Macaulay Lord about wrist practice. Hold the fly rod so that the butt of the rod creates a 45% angle with your arm. This creates the neutral wrist. Then try short casts, say 25 feet and look no place else but at the angle that the rod butt and your arm makes. 45 degrees. Through the entire back and forward strokes keep the angle at 45 degrees. This is the strong neutral wrist. As with all things in casting, slight degrees of movement and change need be practiced. A wide open loop is just as important when needed as a tight loop. Practice wide open with full wrist to completely closed with neutral wrist. In casting everything is good and has a use.
  8. flyspoke.blogspot

    Two hand striper rod

    I am fine with how ever many are interested. I was teaching a fellow from Boston yesterday who is an avid bass angler. We went through the entire set up to shooting delivery using no more than one back cast. His set up is a 13' fast 7 weight. Remember the goal is not distance although that is possible. The goal is more casts and the result is your fly fishing for more seconds per outing. Alan, lets talk on Monday and hope we get some more interest.
  9. flyspoke.blogspot

    Two hand striper rod

    Best all around rod would be a fast action 12' to 12'6" 7 weight. You will never cast a shorter switch rod with one hand so why use one. It should be set up just like a salt water single hand rod with salt resistant hardware and over sized single foot guides. Make sure the fore grip is at least 13" long. The line set up will be a 9 weight shooting head no different than with a single hand 9 weight rod except the head should be in the 36 foot range rather than the typical 30 foot. Casting will be fulcrum style with mostly bottom power with a slightly open loop. The heavier the fly the more open loop desired. Alan talking about a Belgian cast works well because it is a constant tension cast and no back stop being desired. The pickup is a jump roll in stagnant water and a spiral jump or direct pick up into the back cast when the tide is moving to the side. Each will shoot between 6' and 10' according to ability into the back cast to get some overhang of the head and a deep bend in the rod prior to the forward stroke. The beauty of the two hand rod is that, in most cases, each cast will require only one back cast. This give us more time with our fly fishing through any given session. The negative with the longer rod makes it harder to get a fish in hand when wading. Feel free to call me if you want to talk. 603-501-9511
  10. Great reel for a 5 or 6 weight Switch Rod. Super condition and super click pawl sound. Right of Left crank $145.00 includes shipping to USA 603-501-9511
  11. flyspoke.blogspot

    Flies for Kids

    In tomorrows mail. I hope it's not too late.
  12. flyspoke.blogspot

    Flies with Zonker strips

    James-I have done experiments with LL's that I can see using longer strip style flies with no hook. I watch closely to see how the salmon make the take and you are 100% spot on. They come from behind and taste the tail. I can totally understand the shorter hook for salt.
  13. flyspoke.blogspot

    Flies with Zonker strips

    James, great looking flies. Do you tie zonkers as stingers? I have found I get many more hook ups and far less short takes when tied on a shank and a small hook trailing with the zonker strip.