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  1. Wavecharmer

    Lefty died

    What a life to live!
  2. Wavecharmer

    New Dressing of the Emperor Fly Pattern

    Am I the only one that sees a bare hook? Although that hook would look pretty nice in a shadow box on the wall!
  3. Wavecharmer

    The Cinberg

    Soo, how do you tie it? Also incredible photos!
  4. Wavecharmer

    A few streamers

    Thanks for posting! Always enjoys the variety of streamers!
  5. Wavecharmer

    Good budget polarized fishing sunglasses?

    Strike King S11s around 50 bucks. In a array of styles and colors. Light weight not bad option for the price and eases the pain when you lose or break them, not that that's ever happened to me. I also bought a pair from Beans, they where made by Angler Eyes they featured floating frames, which is why I bought them. I believe they where 40 bucks I still have them , I was pretty impressed with them considering I never heard of them before.
  6. Wavecharmer

    Concept fly that salmon have been slamming this spring

    What colour is the creepy wing? Hard to tell in the photo.
  7. Wavecharmer


    Id take a dozen snake bites, over a prolonged suffering with advanced Lyme disease any day.
  8. Wavecharmer

    popper question

    Check out the (Jack) Gartside Gurglers! I dont have a specifc site for you, but punch it in to your search bar you shouldnt have any trouble finding a tutorial for it. They use foam bodies, buck tail hair, w/ or w/out chenille bodies., w/ w/out rubber legs. No special hooks nessacary use the size for the fish your targeting, can be made weedless by tying in a piece of mono loop.The possiblities of variations and colours are only limited by your imagination. Fish it like a slider or popper or both in the same retrieve. A favorite of fish of all species, in all waters salt, fresh, flowing, or still. The most versitile fly in my humble opinion and so easy to tie even I can do it!!
  9. Wavecharmer

    Do you ever see snakes while fishing?

    There are a lot of water snakes around the ponds and lakes in So Maine. I see alot of Black Racers (I think thats what there called, all black with a light cream coloured belly) swimming in ponds and lakes. They get pretty big 3' plus and girthy. Never seen them in northern Maine though, or when there not in the water come to think of it. I believe they were on a endangered lists in Maine at one time not sure if they still are, but they seem pretty common. Theres a pond in Raymond that has a really healthy population. They can be quit aggresive, non lethal of course, but they do pack a lightning quick stong grip bite. Had one grab my hand between my thumb and index finger and had to use force to make it let go. No, it didnt hunt me down to eat me. I had never seen one before so I netted one and was handling it and my curiosity got the best of me. Hands down the largest snake ive ever seen n Maine.
  10. Wavecharmer

    Snow Shovel Fly

    Thats pretty clever! Could use that today, Would love to get a bass or pick to rise on that!
  11. Wavecharmer

    Playing around..

    Fish it!! You dont know how effective it is, until you try it. Everything else is pure speculation!
  12. Wavecharmer

    Body Quill Soft Hackle

    Another great contribution from Wildkarde! Thanks for inspiration, im preparing to ty some Brook Bugs another of your contributions.
  13. Wavecharmer


    Its about time! Weed is the last thing I worry about someone being intoxicated on! There's plenty of other things to worry about encountering someone on, perscription , alcohol and a host of others that alter peoples perceptions and judgement. Oh Yeah and then theres the all natural Touchholes!
  14. Wavecharmer

    Cold weather swingers

    Eyes ! Who needs stinking eyes ? Nice streamers ! Drown em and strip em!
  15. Wavecharmer

    White Wooly Patridge

    Thanks for sharing! Nice creation.