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  1. alas

    40 on the 4th

    Jesus... you’ve taken this striper fishing thing to a whole new level! Congrats and thanks for sharing your success with us. It keeps us all believing that big ones are around :)!
  2. alas


    Jesus man... you worry way too much :)! If you’re meeting up with Mal you will have the best chance of getting into them. I went out this morning and caught three little ones. So they’re going to be in thick any day now. It’s still early in the year so they are coming in sporadic waves... but one thing is for sure, they are coming! Keep in mind that you’ll be fishing areas with probably most friendly fly fishermen I’ve ever come across so you will have access to all kind of intel. You’re surely going to get into fish :)! Cheers!
  3. Good line choice! I’ve been using it for years now with great success. 90-100ft casts are piece of cake :)! Nice brown too!
  4. alas

    The Face of Addiction

    That’s some great footage!
  5. alas

    The fog was very...........................

    Nice story :)! Give it another month or so and it will be on!
  6. alas

    Finally got tight....

    I guess one might call it the ultimate hook up :)! Well done James; keep the interesting stuff coming!
  7. alas

    Pogie fest 2017

    Well done James! Video is short but sick :)!
  8. alas


    Haven’t fished since June when fishing was hot so I went down to flats on Sunday thinking to say goodbye to stripers as they migrate south. And sure it still seemed hot as my first cast resulted in a pretty good fish. In the next several hours I managed dozen of fish that varied in size dramatically. That has to be a good sign! I met Mal and Tim and they weren’t too impressed by fishing that day. This has been an interesting year of fishing for sure but in general It feels to me that fishing has improved compared to few years back. Shore fishing can be off and on dramatically because we can’t really cover that much of water while fish movement may vary from year to year. I’ve heard from multiple people who go out with boats that this was a stellar year for them due to numbers and varying sizes of fish caught. Anyways, I’ll probably call it quits as far as stripers go to finish up on a high :)!
  9. alas

    way too quiet, too many days.

    August is usually tough month for fishing... now, the way all of the month of September was weather-wise is more like a typical month of August, therefore such results.
  10. alas

    Surgeons vs Blood

    I keep it simple and easy; double surgeons for me. Never had it fail!
  11. I totally agree w/swamptrout... I just can't believe that you did his on a bike. I get it, you're very experienced... but also a bit crazy ;)! If I did this trip, I'd certainly be using something comfy, enclosed and with four wheels :).
  12. OMG what an adventure!!! Great pictures and great storytelling. Keep it coming :)! Most of us if not all of us are dreaming of a quest like this one. Can't wait for more!
  13. alas

    Ledge time

    Nice Fish Simke... Pretty god size on them! I haven't had much time to get out there but it's nice to see that they're still pretty active. One of these days...
  14. alas

    Tournament time

    Thanks! Nice report! Congrats to Mike and Gary!
  15. alas

    Tournament time

    Anyone gonna give a bit of a report about tourney? Stats, winners, all that good stuff