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  1. Igloo lake


    Ray I'll do the math for you. #5 line and above .021 #4 line and below .019
  2. Good luck with this, your in for quite the adventure.
  3. Igloo lake

    A quick report

    That's a "Cocker". Nice fish
  4. Igloo lake

    King and Bartlett

    Sorry about that, its a sporting camp (small town) up in the Eustis area. Several lakes, ponds behind locked gates.
  5. Igloo lake

    King and Bartlett

    Just saw in TU magazine that King and Bartlett is for sale. Went there once and it was quite a place. If you have a couple of million hanging around it could be all yours !!
  6. Igloo lake

    A very long distance report

    Great report !!
  7. Igloo lake

    Rod sections won't fit

    Some rods are made to fit like that. As Seamonkey said if they fit tight that's probably the way it was made.
  8. Igloo lake

    Weekend adventures

    Looks like a great time, especially that last picture. It looks like you took it on glass.
  9. Igloo lake

    Back up rod?

    I always take a few rods and reels. You never know what will happen and after driving a good distance I want to fish. I usually have two rods setup, one dry and a sink tip.
  10. Igloo lake

    Getting Old Sucks...

    When the joints stick just tap the joint against your hand and pull, it should come apart.
  11. Igloo lake

    Temperatures Up North

    Dryflie you can get a portable propane indoor heater that would do the job. They can be hooked up to a 20lb tank and will run a long time. I'm presuming you don't have power there so as a precaution you can buy a battery operated carbon monoxide detector for your safety. You should be able to get both for around $100. It maybe cheaper and easier than repairing what you have. Walmart has the heaters and they got great reviews. I replaced my trailer heater with a ceramic heater and it works great, but I have power available. I'm with you I'm to old to be cold.
  12. Igloo lake

    Fun rod

    I'm a fan of glass also. Great for fishing the streams.
  13. Igloo lake


    Nice job on the tie. I've had good luck with that fly. When your done tying it a small drop of head cement where the hackle meets the post helps keep the hackle intact after catching a fish.
  14. Igloo lake


    Nate if you know anyone in the restaurant business ask them to save you a few plastic containers that the seafood comes in. I use to get them for nothing, but now the wholesaler gets a $2 deposit on them. I just give my friend (restaurant owner) the $2 . They are cheaper than the ones you get at Walmart and much better quality.
  15. Igloo lake

    Today was a great day!

    Great story, you two will have some great times together !!