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  1. Great Fall fishing is underway!
  2. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/534839598/hardwater/posts/144488?ref=email&show_token=75509aac2326f882
  3. Cliff George

    Shark Caught in Little River near South Freeport

    Sorry, This PIC should work <
  4. Can you help me identify and provide details on the type of Shark this is? It was caught in my Stripper territory. It was apparently caught off Burnett Bridge last Saturday – a 7' shark!! YIPES!! A few local swimmers are wondering if it would eat them?!?!? <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYtDKqFWFbw>
  5. Cliff George

    Lttle Lyford area fishing trip plannedhea

    Thanks for the advice on Little Lyford here are the Pics <
  6. Headed to the AT's camps at Little Lyford, any fishing advice for the 3 days I am there next week would be appreciate! The area looks great and I just want to explore the fishing possibilities on my 1st trip there. Thanks for your advice in advance!
  7. Cliff George

    Fishing the loaf area this spring

    I have been enjoying fishing in June exploring area around Sugarloaf without having to travel to Rangley which I have always done (and liked to do). I am Looking for suggestions of more ponds and rivers to explorer near Sugarloaf! Made a video enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzY2ZOzRF4s
  8. Cliff George

    Stripers are IN!

    Strippers are in in Freeport. Caught a 26" Fat and Hooked a larger fish, hopefully the wind will calm down.
  9. Cliff George

    Time to striper fish is now.

    Everything seemed perfect this AM in the Harraseeket, tides, light wind, some bait moving. Still looking for the 1st tug of the season!
  10. Cliff George

    Post your wife's fish picture

    Noticed a lot of talk about "Lucky" fishing wives, I have got one!
  11. Cliff George


    Nice location and the Moose season ends today. 1000 lb Bull was nabbed yesterday by 3 from CT 1st 3 hrs this AM Lost one salmon , several bites, a local caught a nice 24" grilse in the pool just behind me All the sports are reporting hook ups with several break offs, with several fresh fish. Even my wife fished with a bad cold and she saw more fish than I. 7 Hour drive from Freeport, great fall foliage ride here yesterday. This would be a great group trip with close fishing fiends Debbie Norton here at Upper Oxbow could not be nicer.
  12. Cliff George


    Life time trip this September around the 20th,can afford a couple of days only at $500.00 day going rate. My research tells me there is a difference, public water New Brunswick citizens and tourists with a guide vs. Private pools. With only two days you could only cover a couple of miles. There are way too many tributaries to choose from.So it seems location and available pools are the key. The river and its off shoots are vast and look like a tree with 100 limbs. Also it seems you need to just hope the bite is on, like any other fish trip conditions need to be right. Thanks for your advise in advance, any recommendations are welcome!
  13. Cliff George

    Blues are in near the Harraseeket

    Put the steel leader on, Fishing for stripers this AM lost a 20" blue at the boat, NO NET stupid. I as already getting the smoker ready in my mind!
  14. Cliff George

    Baxter and Little Lyford in July