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    hooking salmon and trout and then releasing them

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  1. Cubby

    You were born the year before I started working for ups ,was tying flies and fishing before that. How time flys.


  2. ups

    EO and **** rivers

    Thanks. The salmon are big and healthy this fall.
  3. ups

    EO and **** rivers

    You're welcome. Caught fish on many different flies, but BWO emergers in sizes 16 and 18 seemed to be their favorite. Good luck!
  4. ups

    EO and **** rivers

    Was in Greenville last week and so were the salmon. Most of the salmon were in the 18"-20" range. It was a good week...
  5. ups


    Thanks for the info. I hope the rain this week does not bump up the flow.
  6. ups


    I was thinking of taking my first trip ever to Grand Lake Stream this week. The usgs page shows a flow of 642cfs. Was wondering if this is a fishable flow or should I wait another week? Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ups


    Anyone been out to GLS lately? I've got all of next week off from work and was planning on heading to either Greenville or to GLS. Any info would be a big help in planning my trip.
  8. ups

    kennebago river access

    thanks for the info, i was not sure if you could go through those gates without being a guest at Grants.
  9. ups

    kennebago river access

    heading up to Rangeley labor day weekend. was wondering about access to the Kennebago River. is it private water? any info would help.