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  1. JayN

    Canoe Stabilization

    I have the Old Town Pack Angler version. Just putting a seat pad in gives an extra inch or two of height and a better and longer cast. I’ve never stood up in it but I agree that the short length and width might make standing challenging.
  2. JayN

    Headed upta camp

    You might try the Sandy River in Farmington Falls or New Sharon. Stocked with brookies and browns. Flow isn’t bad with our recent rains. Haven’t checked the water temperatures though.
  3. JayN

    The season is here

    Nothing better than a cigar and some tequila after a hard day of fishing
  4. JayN

    Anyone been up on the Mag?

    I didn’t
  5. JayN

    Anyone been up on the Mag?

    Suckers were getting ready to spawn when I was there today. Saw one huge salmon caught but mostly suckers.
  6. JayN

    Best Warm Water Fly

    I got a basic fly tying kit when I got my first fly rod eight or so years ago. I’m pretty good tying up deer hair and maribou streamers, Caddis dry flies, and I’m getting better at other dries although I never seem to leave enough room for the head. I’ve acquired a better vise and all kinds of material over the years. I have a friend who ties professionally and that’s been a big help. Also watch a lot of videos, especially Davie Mcphail. My nymphs still look like blobs so I buy most of them. There’s nothing like catching a fish with a fly you tied.
  7. JayN

    Best Warm Water Fly

  8. JayN

    Best Warm Water Fly

    Aldo, What size hook do you tie that bottom one on? It looks like a killer .
  9. JayN

    Best Warm Water Fly

    I went out this morning to a small pond near me marked by a chimney. In an hour I caught twenty small mouth and largemouth bass, yellow perch, sunfish and a gnarly looking pickerel, all on an orange golden retriever. This fly has been unbeatable for warm water species. I tie it either on a #8 or #10 streamer hook with a tan maribou tail and flourescent orange Estaz body. No need to open wrap the Estaz to let the thread show through like the gold variety. I fish it with either a floating or sinking line depending on depth and often have a fish on as soon as I start stripping. Interested in what other people's favorites are for warm water fish.
  10. I went yesterday. They haven’t had any publicity except for the e-mail that I didn’t get either. There were no vendor tables set up yet so I don’t know what it will look like today. Did manage to buy a lot of gear and ended up with the $200 gift card which you can use the same day. Also saw the fly tying desk that is too pretty to actually use. Dont forget the Bethel Expo today. You can always go to Bean’s tomorrow.
  11. JayN

    Stripping Baskets

    Thanks everyone. Looks like there’s a Linekurv in my future.
  12. JayN

    Stripping Baskets

    I'm probably going to get my first chance at striper fishing this spring and summer and I wondered what stripping baskets are best? I'm short so I probably don't want something as big as a washtub. Bean's model got bad reviews. Anyone use them on rivers as well? Thanks in advance.
  13. JayN

    Onxmaps App

    Google Maps lets you create offline maps which work on my phone with no cell or internet access as long as you have some sky to access the GPS satellites. No extra info but the maps have saved me a few times from taking a wrong turn in the middle of nowhere and it’s free.
  14. JayN

    meaning of fly fishing?

    In addition to all of the above, fly fishing is a great example of intermittent positive reinforcement, the same impulse that has people pulling that slot machine lever over and over hoping for the big payout. How many casts does it take to get a strike? When is it going to happen? I admit there is more skill associated with choice of fly, presentation, etc, but that feeling when a fish strikes is a powerful reinforcer. “The tug is the drug”
  15. JayN

    do you have a favorite hat?

    Bought it from Alex at the Bethel Fly Fishing Expo