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  1. peasy207

    Switch rod

  2. peasy207

    New york

    Will do, headed out for a bach party and a long weekend so it will be a good time either way. not a skier but some of the guys going do I think.
  3. peasy207

    New york

    thanks, I'll have to go check it out when i get out there. I've been looking at some map, I'll find something to check out.
  4. peasy207

    New york

    thanks, I was eyeing the batavia, but from what i saw it looked small and I'm going to assume the temps are up by now.... might have to take a ride to find some bigger water if I have time.
  5. peasy207

    I couldn't catch...................

    I finally got out saturday again, skunked again, hit two spots and did see some what I assume were pogies busting.
  6. peasy207

    New york

    Guys I’m headed out to windham ny for a long weekend anyone fished the area?
  7. peasy207

    Ll bean stream light

  8. peasy207

    Ll bean stream light

    9’ 8 wt barely used w/ wf fly line $100
  9. peasy207

    Spey swivel

    sounds good, name's Will, I have my two hander rigged up now and will probably be down in the area again soon.
  10. peasy207

    Spey swivel

    Yeh I was with alan saturday.
  11. peasy207

    Spey swivel

    Somewhat after seeing his setup Saturday I came home to see what I had for lines from steel heading and found a spool of braid. Made them to copy the rio really, but this seems to splice well. It’ll be interesting to test it but feels rugged.
  12. peasy207

    Spey swivel

  13. peasy207

    Spey swivel

    Airflow miracle braid 30 lb with a #7 spro 75lb power swivel
  14. peasy207

    Spey swivel

    Built my own tonight while setting my rod up for the salt......
  15. peasy207

    Sunday morning

    Nice to meet you this morning shoot me a message if you’re heading down again maybe I can sneak out.