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  1. Salmosebago

    Warm sun,great conditions,nada tidal water

    Always have better luck at a lower tide there. Fish get spookier in the skinny water but easier to find. Peaceful this time of year!
  2. Salmosebago

    Salmon River update and tips

    I haven't fished up there in years but man, these stories are stoking the fire! Agreed on all of the above, my rule of thumb was "if I'm not hooking bottom, I'm not catching fish." Thanks for posting!
  3. Salmosebago

    Under water foliage to match the leafs

    Outstanding - thanks for sharing!
  4. Salmosebago

    Presumpscot windham Ponds

    Park on Rt 35 instead of the lot - they won't mess with you there. Crazy what these idiots will do in, relatively, plain sight.
  5. Salmosebago

    Wading boots with boa system

    Have them on my telemark boots and love them, the liner really molds to my foot. That being said, (1) I have yet to break them and (2) they are on the liners and the hard shell buckles around them. If they were to break I wouldn't be stuck as the buckled hard shell would save my @$$. I have a bud that races bicycles year round and uses them on his winter shoes. He beats the $#!T out of his gear and, because he has broken a couple, carries spares when he rides. If I were going to be totally dependent on them, I would certainly carry a repair kit!
  6. Salmosebago


    Had an amazing evening on that river YEARS ago. Stumbled on the mouth of a trib that had a monster caddis hatch going on, 8 - 12" trout everywhere. Haven't been back since but the memories are a clear as the day it happened!
  7. Salmosebago

    Fly fishing film tour

    Bethel March 18th - there for sure!
  8. Salmosebago

    Have you ever

    Haven't targeted them but have caught a few - all on stone nymphs.
  9. Salmosebago

    Fly shops in Sebago lake /presumpscot river region?

    Here you go. I have only been in once and that was a while back. Other than that, I usually buy misc. stuff where ever I happen to be fishing. http://www.tridentflyfishing.com/contacts
  10. Salmosebago

    Glass is not dead!

    If you ask me, rods - like people, have attitudes. If you think you're going to use a high speed XP type stroke/attitude with a glass or bamboo rod - forget it. I've got an old glass rod I've inherited from my father in law and, when I'm in the mood to slow down and take a deep breath, there isn't a better rod on the planet. If I'm in the mood to go out on a death march on bigger water - the glass doesn't see the light of day. My rods tend to match the mood I'm hitting the water with. I dig them all.
  11. THIS! http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/seacoastonline/obituary.aspx?n=chris-connors&pid=183074559
  12. Salmosebago

    December so far

    Beautiful fish! Latex gloves under the fleece gloves? Never tried that - how's it work for you? Good thinking keeping the fingers DRY - well done!
  13. Salmosebago

    What's your fly fishing vehicle?

    2002 Xterra; 145,000 rather rough miles and a lot of scratches on both sides from tight "roads". LOVE that truck for all the reasons you mention. The short wheelbase is really helpful getting up and over things. Gonna be a sad day when that frame finally rusts out. That will be the down fall as I am sure it will run as long as the frame holds out!
  14. Salmosebago

    Weirdest catch?

    Not that the fish caught was that weird, but the circumstances were. Back when I was about 7 years old, a bud and I were worm fishing (GASP!) a small brooktrout pond in southern ME. He was on one side of the pond and I was on the other. The pond was small enough where we could both cast to the middle of the pond. My bobber goes down - his bobber goes down and, you got it, we both had the same very hungry fish! That pond was LOADED with 6 - 10" natives, ice cold water, and totally sheltered by tree cover. Sadly, the earthen dam blew out in a storm years ago and the pond no longer exists
  15. Salmosebago

    We needed the rain

    Beautiful fish! Hiked around Bethel yesterday afternoon and drove through Gilead. We had a LOT of rain up this way and I would have expected the rivers to really rise and get muddy - they didn't. Little creeks where we hiked had water but certainly weren't roaring. I was surprised how much of that rain was apparently "absorbed" and how little it impacted the river. Guessing it's going to fish pretty well!