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    Fly Tying, Hunting, Sports, Beer, you know the usual.
  1. aland

    Nice fish

  2. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    Just got my pole - haven’t rigged it yet but .. thought I’d share. My youngest picked up this one - his personal best 32” - topwater at noon in skinny water. Oldest got the second (a bit smaller) today - also on top.
  3. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    That's what it is - I couldn't find one local, called a few greenhouses. Any idea where to find one - actually want two for pulling up to sandbars to hang out.
  4. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    Found these: https://www.amleo.com/fiberglass-tree-stakes-25-year/p/VP-FSXX/ Stakes are $10 - shipping $10 - just ordered. Think I might get the handle from Stick It for $13. Not that I think the $90 shipped from Stick It is unreasonable but it is really a fiberglass pole with a handle right? . I can already see that this is going to change things for me fishing the sand and mud. Thanks for all the input and I'll show you the final results when I finish - thinking of a 7'' bungee docking line to attach.
  5. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    Yeah I just watched a video and you are correct - those are pretty slick. I got a bit frustrated yesterday - had what I thought was a perfect drift - only to have the wind swirl on a point and I had to fire up the engine. Also - I haven't really perfected the crab techniques out yet - but I'm pretty sure a drifting platform is not the correct way to fish them.
  6. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    Yeah - they are nice - I have thought about them - but pretty pricey. I have a 1979 170 Aquasport - I think the power pole might be worth more than the hull. They are pretty bulky when not deployed too. I'm not sure how noisy they are but half the time we drift onto fish and we are on top of them before we notice them. I think the noise of the power pole might be too much. I would like to just be able to plant the stake and tie off. It is a push pole but a small diameter. Really meant as an anchor, I saw some video of a guy planting while the boat was moving it and it swung the boat around. Pretty impressive. We also pull up to beaches a lot and this seems like a great way to anchor or a half an hour or so.
  7. aland

    Fiberglass anchor pole

    I have been looking for a way to stop the boat on shallow and mid level flats - I found some ads for a fiberglass anchor pole. Looks pretty cool - I think it will fit the bill - anchors are a pain, noisy, and messy. Looks like all it is is an 8' 3/4" fiberglass pole with a handle and a tip. Anyone have any experience with these - or any ideas as to where to find the pole. I have found them online but shipping is expensive. Wondering if there is anywhere local.
  8. I would think that if the are going to change their policy - they probably ought to have a rod policy as most rod manufacturers have some sort of plan short of "Sorry". Lots of other high end companies have policies that account for user error - ie. Loomis expeditor - $100 for a new rod - they send it and you put your old rod in the tube and drop in the mail.
  9. aland

    While we wait.................

    I am not a kitchen sink guy - often it is a bag of flies, pliers, 20lb spool (maybe an extra spool if uncertain but usually just one line), waders/boots/basket. My new waders have a bigger pocket so sling bag may become a thing of the past.
  10. aland


    Mal- people with strong personalities are often accused of being overbearing - in my experience you have been forthcoming and a great asset to this site - to both beginners and experienced guys (a few years ago you willingly gave me parking pointers in a fairly private area that I had never been to - thanks again). Anyway - don't pay it no nevermind.
  11. aland

    Anybody see................

    I actually heard/saw that on the news (halfway paying attention getting kids ready for school) and thought they were replaying something from earlier in the year. Saw this on July 16 in Diamond Cove. I have never seen this stuff anywhere but in the marsh. Something is definitely happening.
  12. aland

    Beautiful morning,,brownie and shad

    Nice - that's cool. I caught one in Portland among a bunch of schoolies this summer. They are fun - prob a lot more fun with a 6wt than a 9 wt.
  13. aland

    Beautiful morning,,brownie and shad

    Nice - that's cool. I caught one in Portland among a bunch of schoolies this summer. They are fun - prob a lot more fun with a 6wt than a 9 wt.
  14. aland

    Beautiful morning,,brownie and shad

    How big were the shad?
  15. aland

    Solid fishing today.

    Mal - were you on the beach?