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  1. Bill Blake

    Ever seen this?

    Saw one similar to that, but with not quite as much white, the first time I went to Grand Lake Stream.
  2. Bill Blake


    The NRA supported banning bump stocks after the Vegas massacre.
  3. Bill Blake

    Double haul or not?

    I double haul quite often, even if it's just a tiny tug on the line. It's not usually necessary fishing for trout, however, it's almost indispensible when flinging big bass bugs or out in the wind while saltwater fishing.
  4. Bill Blake

    Lefty died

    RIP, Lefty. It's a shame I never got to meet you. =(
  5. Bill Blake


    Sounds like there's a lot more irresponsibility regarding deones up in New England than down here in Texas. I read your post and my first thought was if it's that close, it might be a good idea to bring a slingshot but Mal beat me to it (I'm not online that much lately). It might still be illegal to shoot it down with a slingshot, but it will likely look a lot better in a courtroom (one could claim they were trying to deter harassment at that point). I guess they're a lot like guns, most of us (particularly those of us who travel) go through a lot of trouble to make sure we're doing everything safely and legally, but a few people are always going to ruin things (or worse) for everyone else.
  6. Bill Blake


    Yeah, I have a drone; a DJI Mavic Pro. It's pretty darn cool... but the absolute last thing I (or the overwhelming majority of other pilots) want to do with them is bother other people. I haven't used mine for fishing purposes at all, but they'd work for reading water. However, unless the fish are gigantic (and I suppose sometimes they are) I don't really see a huge advantage over google maps. Also, the overwhelming majority of "off-the-shelf" drones that are available to the general public, are just about useless for spying on individual people; the lenses are simply too wide. For example, you'd probably have to be within 10 feet of someone to even have a remote chance of seeing someone's fly (and even then you'd pretty much have to wait until you got home in order to get a good look at it). Off-the-shelf drones are optimized for landscape photography and videography, people who use them mostly just want to see and share cool footage from a unique vantage point. They allow the average Joe to capture footage that used to require renting out a helicopter. Also, to those who talk about shooting down drones with their shotguns. First, you're not likely to have a drone in shotgun range... and second, Federal law treats shooting down a drone exactly the same as shooting down a plane or a helicopter. If you want to do time in a federal penitentiary (and forever lose your right to own a shotgun); go ahead and shoot down a drone. Likewise, if someone is flying a drone in a way that endangers the public (i.e. not simply annoys you because you can see or hear it), you should call the FAA as well. Drone pilots are not supposed to a fly a drone in any manner that poses a danger of falling on people, moving vehicles, or poses a danger to manned aircraft or out of a pilot (or spotter's) line of sight. Flying over private property is technically allowed, even when local laws prohibit it (states and municipalities do not have the right to govern airspace), however they can place restrictions on where a drone operator may stand within their jurisdiction. Drone pilots are required to fly responsibly and if someone is doing otherwise; report them.
  7. Bill Blake

    Fishermen are law breakers

    This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. Just about any serious crime will bar a person from even owning a firearm for life (not to mention minor drug offenses), which precludes a person from partaking in most forms of hunting. What's shocking and disturbing to me is that the number of crimes is not much more skewed toward fishermen! I know some people who used to hunt before they were convicted of a crime; after their convictions they all took up fishing... not that most of them are likely to break fishing laws today (all but one ex-convict I know have tried to live their lives on the straight and narrow and keep their legal troubles in the past).
  8. Bill Blake

    THE Fly shop robbed

    I've been there... I'm surprised that more wasn't stolen. Fortunately, $9000 is a drop in... if not an ocean... a very large lake compared to the total value of the merchandise they keep at their store front. That said, I really hope they nail whoever did this.
  9. Bill Blake

    With all this talk about the west

    Aside from the landscape, I don't recall ever hearing of catching 70 good sized trout in a single day in Maine (in our lifetimes, though old photos may indicate otherwise). Getting more than 50 good fish in a day is a regular occurence when I travel out west.
  10. Bill Blake


    Yes, I fish that way occasionally. it works.
  11. Bill Blake

    Flesh eating bacteria in Florida

    You can get it anywhere. It's a type of infection, not a particular type of bacteria; you can get it from some of the most common bacteria around. I almost lost my left pinky finger in August, I only still have it because I was paying constant attention.
  12. Bill Blake

    Do you know anyone

  13. Bill Blake

    The fluro mono debate!

    I liked Fluoro while I used it, but I only use nylon monofilament now, because fluorocarbon is far less biodegradable than nylon monofiliament.
  14. Bill Blake

    In the hospital

    Yes, it was Matress Mack. I grew up watching him leaping up and down (must've been a 4 feet high) with a fistful of dollars shouting, "Gallery Furniture, really will. . . SAVE. . . YOU. . . MONEY!" I never expected that Gallery Furniture would have potentially saved my life instead. Of course, my home is still here, but when I left water was rapidly coming up the street (due to something being open because they had been working on levee upgrades when the storm hit, apparently it required divers to fix), it was pretty hairy, but we made it out just in the nick of time. The water never made it up to my door, probably thanks to those divers, but we would've been trapped if we left even a few minutes later (everyone who made it out after had a big truck or was rescued). The levee was supposed to have been topped by the river, but only because another levee failed diverting some of the water; my home is only here now because others' homes are not. I am home now and we are safe but it's been thoroughly exhausting, especially since I am still recovering from surgery.