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  1. There are a number of Maine women guiding and teaching fly fishing including at least one at the LL Bean Guide School. I have known a few women that fly fish and I have yet to find one who can't cast as well or better than the guys I know. I have been promoting women to get into it for a while. I think getting anyone into the sport is good for the sport.
  2. macflyfish

    Overated flies

    I really didn't have much luck with wooly buggers until I took the time to really fish them instead of just throwing them out and hurrying to get them back in. Almost all the flies mentioned, hornbergs, royal coachmen, humpies, old hoppers, grey ghosts, most standard streamers and muddlers have worked well for me. Stoneflies, small dries, soft hackle and crayfish patterns I have not used much so I won't say they aren't good. I have not done well with leech patterns but not sure I have fished them properly. Same thing with nymphs but have caught fish on Prince nymphs and maple syrups. I tend to believe if you believe you will catch fish with a fly you will and if you don't you won't in part because you won't fish it properly. I also believe that some flies work better on certain waters. I know one spot that Irresistible's are a great fly while not so much on some other waters.
  3. macflyfish

    Float tubes

    No mention probably because they are not required. Float tubes while fishing are exempt from the law. That according to IF & W website boating law book.
  4. macflyfish

    fly line

    First what kind of fishing are you going to do mostly. You will see a number of floating lines have designations like trout line, bass line etc. If you are dealing with floating trout lines they are designed for dry fly fishing but can be used for nymph or streamer fishing. Secondly most people use Weight Forward lines as they are a little heavier in the front end and it makes them somewhat easier to cast the line as opposed to the Double tapers. Other than that it becomes personal preference. Some people love Rio others love Scientific Angler still others Airflo. The line is what carries the fly to the water so buying a better line may give you an edge in casting and carrying your fly to the water. What was said by Flynoob and Seamonkey are valid points. Buying a discountinued or clearance line is a reasonable approach. When they were originally made they were some of the best at that time. Just because they have come out with a new and improved model does not make the line no good anymore.
  5. macflyfish


    I tend to agree with using the wrist as little as possible for the main casting stroke. You have less power and accuracy and learning to cast tight loops is much easier. if you can break the use of using the wrist especially for people who are just learning to cast you will also find you do not get as tired or have physical problems. When you become a good caster you will find times when using the wrist is useful and makes sense but it is the rare use rather than the norm.
  6. macflyfish

    L.L. Bean Rods

    either choice is fine but the Streamlight will give you more flexibility if you are going to fish a little bit bigger water whether it be moving water or ponds. Also it will allow you to fish for a little bit bigger fish. Both are good rods. Also if you are going with the outfits the Streamlight has a larger arbor and better drag.
  7. macflyfish

    Political correctness.

    I hate to break it to you but this is not the sixty or seventies and unfortunately we have progressed from swing fist to people pulling out guns and shooting people. In the sixties and seventies we didn't have road rage where guns settled the score. In the good old days people did have respect for each other and a battle between two guys often ended in those same guys becoming friends. In todays world many people don't care what you think and want there way. People threaten to damage vehicles if they don't want you fishing somewhere. Some people pull guns and threaten people everyday and to opt for a confrontation with someone you do not know does not strike me as an intelligent stance. One of my friends was on a walk in FFO pond and pointed out to a couple of guys that were using spin rods and words that fact and they threatened to destroy his vehicle.
  8. macflyfish

    Political correctness.

    I agree with civility, respect and also telling someone they are out of line. However stooping to their level of calling names or acting in a similar manner is placing oneself as one of the people you are most upset with. My sainted father in law always said that one who stoops to the level of vulgarity simply proves you either lack the vocabulary to express oneself or the intelligence to use it. And if people are really ignorant then anything you say will fall on deaf ears or will escalate any situation but if they do have some sense of decency and respectability then a more well place reply may bring a more desirable result. Just one mans opinion mind you.
  9. I would be interested if anyone knows of anyone prosecuted or even arrested for cutting a bow for a clearing lane for shooting or removing a dead tree. Highly doubt that this would happen Especially since law is a foraging law and the person so doing would have to be for foraging not cutting for non foraging purposes.
  10. Cap do I understand that you recommending everyone to post there land? Doesn't that get you to the point of having to find people to gain access to their property? Don't forget this is an existing law on essentially Christmas trees and tips and access for foraging for food is an addition. I don't know if this will go anywhere but usually legislators do take into account things like a fisherman grabbing a few berries to eat etc.
  11. macflyfish


    come on its time for recipe and instructions
  12. macflyfish

    Wearing Life Jackets in Canoes while Fishing

    I don't have the numbers for 2015 or 16 but in a ten year period 87 to 96 there were 157 unintentional drownings. Information from Office of Data, Research and Vital Statistics State of Maine. Isn't the point that one is too many. Now I do not know that this is from capsized boats, or falling out of a boat or slipping from rocks along the shore. Having said that I believe it is unlikely the bill will pass as I believe similar bills have been proposed and failed. I have personal knowledge of someone falling out in mid spring and drowning as his head hit the boat and he went unconscious and without a life jacket to keep his head up he drowned.
  13. macflyfish

    Wearing Life Jackets in Canoes while Fishing

    Not saying I am in support or not but for those that talk about warm water, or keeping it at their feet or shallow water. Check the number of people who are no longer with us because they boat capsized and then hit there head and were rendered unconscious and drown in the shallow or warm water or because they couldn't grab their life jacket. Or the people that fell into warm water and still got hypothermia(95.0 °F) which is because they were in what they thought it was warm water. And I would say that if people are concerned for the safety of their fellow man it does not make them stupid. No more that those who want to leave the responsibility to those who want to determine when they use a life jacket. Even if they may not make a wise decision
  14. macflyfish

    Wearing Life Jackets in Canoes while Fishing

    Not a real issue for me because I always wear a life jacket when in a boat or canoe. I have seen too many tragedies. I don't know if it is still in the law but it used to be that if you were under the supervision of a registered guide you only had to have a flotation item like a cushion in the boat or canoe instead of a wearable device. There is currently a restriction for any child 10 or under must be wearing a flotation device.
  15. macflyfish

    Trout unlimited

    Kevin never joined because they are political and did not want to go there. I am a member of PFF which does not involve itself in political issues.