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  1. River of Life

    New york

    All the freestones that I'm aware of in the Catskills are way overheated and low. The upper 5 or 6 miles of the upper East Branch Delaware is temperature stable but at the normal low summer release...still fishable. The West Branch Delaware has more of a release and temps range from mid 40's to mid 60's depending on location. My suggestion is the upper 10 miles. The Delaware Main stem is too warm. Don't have any first hand knowledge of the Esopus or Schoharie.
  2. It appears that Merriam - Webster has license to be subjective in changing word meanings to indoctrinate the American Public based on emotion. Makes ya wonder about its overall authenticity. http://thefederalist.com/2018/03/31/merriam-webster-online-dictionary-changes-definition-assault-rifle-parkland-shooting/
  3. River of Life

    This is a great film

    Frogs Fanny
  4. River of Life

    Full dressed Brit

    Sweet!! That would work on the Delaware with a smaller trout hook.
  5. River of Life

    life is short

    "whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. " James 4:14
  6. River of Life

    Rods for Sale

    I do have a 905-4 H2 in excellent cond. that I could part with for $475. Ebay has them from $495 - $715 The original Helios are going for $300 plus on Ebay
  7. River of Life

    Rods for Sale

    They are the original (brown) Helios
  8. River of Life

    Rods for Sale

    Three Orvis Rods: 1. 9' 4wt. Helios in very good condition with rod tube & sock and warranty card - $275 2. 9' 5wt Helios with some cosmetic paint blemishes with rod tube, sock and warranty card - $175. SOLD 3. 9' 10 wt. TLS in very good to excellent condition with rod tube, sock and warranty card - $175 add $10 for shipping
  9. River of Life

    Countdown to 2018

    a 20" Tiger...post release.
  10. River of Life

    Countdown to 2018

    The Two Hander.
  11. River of Life

    Shooting line twist

    Alan, Thank you for your kind words and enthusiastic approach to the two handed game, its contagious! Its definitely a very satisfying method of fishing that keeps ya coming back for more. My hardest problem is trying to decide what two hander I want to fish with on a given day. I have tried the Lazer line that was on a client rod and it was pretty nice, just haven't gotten around to getting one for myself. The 370 yd. spool of Big Game for $9.99 has held me back for awhile but I will venture that way one day just to try different stuff. Thanks for the info from Ed Ward on the Lazer line stretch.
  12. River of Life

    Shooting line twist

    Although you'll get some twist with most every line, I have found the 25 lb Slickshooter to be more susceptible to the twist. One thing I do to minimize it is to change up my cast pretty regular and that also gets you more proficient in the variety of casts. For instance I might do 5 snap t's then 5 double speys, throw in some single speys and snakerolls and it seems to minimize the twist. I also use Berkely Big Game 40 lb mono as a shooting line for most everything now and it seems to work pretty well.
  13. River of Life

    How many have stuck with it?

    Spey is the way...isn't it? I find it to be a very efficient tool for various aspects of fly fishing and a captivating method of casting. Like Aldo, when I'm out fishing on my own time the two hander is my stick of choice for the great majority of time. One - because its a blast & I just plain old like it and Two - the more I use it the more I find ways to apply it in most every aspect of fly fishing... Stripping streamers, swinging wets, nymphing and dead drifting dries. IMHO the spey cast is a superior tool for streamer fishing especially with the short skagit heads like the Rio Trout Max, Wulff Ambush Short, OPST Commando, etc. These lines will cast a good distance and give plenty of stripping time. All done with very little space behind a person...brush, rocks, trees, high banks, etc. As far as catching more fish - some days yes, some days no. It's like anything else, its a choice of a style of fishing and the more you use it the more confidence it builds which brings more success. I find Spey fishing to be a very unique and satisfying method and always looking for ways to introduce it to others whether fishing for trout, steelhead, salmon or smallies, its all good!
  14. River of Life

    Small switch rods

    Yes, quite regular. 3 & 4wt.
  15. River of Life

    Another Rod for sale

    A Redington 10'9" 4 wt Dually Switchrod. Very Good condition w/rod tube and warranty card. It likes lines in the 290 - 300 gr. range. The 290 gr. Wulff Ambush is pretty sweet on it. $125 + shipping.