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  1. Brky Hntr

    Species on a fly

  2. Brky Hntr

    December so far

    Works very well
  3. Brky Hntr

    December so far

    Neoprene gloves make a big difference in how long I can stay in the water and fish right now. They must be worn from the beginning. When first putting them on it feels like they do nothing for warmth. But 1 hr later I bet your hands won't be froze. I have been fishing at least s couple hours the past three days I have been on a skunk streak...
  4. Brky Hntr

    lakers from shore?

    Wade, fly cast streamers in a big lake. Casting over gravel bottom. 2' - 10' deep. At a couple of the spots there are streams that dump into the lake close by. Some times I will spin cast at the same spots casting a small spoon. Last year, Once I paddled my boat out to an island and anchored on a big rock point and cast streamers. This is a spot I do well ice fishing. I have a friend who has landed several from shore at a large river up north on streamers
  5. Brky Hntr

    December so far

    December 1st X10 December 2 X2 December 3 X22
  6. Brky Hntr

    Species on a fly

    Today I caught a Splake on a fly 24 species total 16 in Maine Brook trout, brown, rainbow, ll salmon, smb, lmb, pike, pickerel, fall fish, sun fish, yellow perch, sucker fish, Alwive, shiner, Splake, striper bass 1 in New york King salmon 7 in Florida Jack Cruval, sea trout, sea bass, saltwater cat fish, pin fish, lemon shark, lady fish for 2017 my goals are Florida - Red fish, and/or snook Maine - Shad
  7. Brky Hntr

    Species on a fly

    How many species have you caught on a fly? whats your goal for your next species?
  8. Brky Hntr

    Streamer fishing still good

    Real nice salmon!
  9. Brky Hntr

    lakers from shore?

    This has been a target/ dream of mine for years. I try it every year at a few spots where I know it is possible... never had success
  10. Brky Hntr

    November on the ponds

    There is still a lot of fish to be caught. I am after them or showing so e one new waters every day I
  11. Brky Hntr

    Fly Line Replacement

    I clean my lines once maybe twice a season. I wear out at least one 6wt fly line every year. I fish them until there is a crack every inch. I normally buy the Scientific Angler that is $60 I fish a lot
  12. Brky Hntr

    November on the ponds

    A few from the past couple days on Friday I took a onl friend out fishing he had not fly fished in 10+ years. He was wicked excited to hook this 18" brown trout, it was the first fish he had ever caught on a fly the took line from him. He is the one in the picture below with the bright green jacket
  13. Brky Hntr

    Windham on Thanksgiving

    Tons of good pond fishing with in 20 min of windham. it is peak season right now
  14. Brky Hntr

    A salt water experience

    This past July on 5am low tide I was on the water 30 minutes before the start of the rise. I was throwing crab pattern off a large fast moving sand flat. When the water first began to rise it creates a side channel 1' deep I cast in there, hook up then snap off shortly. I fish the rest of the day and caught several nice fish. Two days later I go back to the same spot, it was a Sunday and beach goers were every where. It was a mid morning low tide again I was there at same time approx 30 minutes before the rise. Again I fish the same side channel with the same crab I tied. I had caught a few micros. Then I hook another fish, clearly a large fish as it gives me a few nucle smacks runnin back to the deep it comes unhooked..I strip my line in to find 2 crabs flys, one tied on and the other one backwards hooked deep into the feathers. I am 100% sure it was one of my flys because of the misperfections.
  15. Iam surprised to read this. And confused.