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  1. gunner

    Had a rough month

    Well, I can tell you as someone who has a 2 level cervical discectomy/ fusion, your neck will get better but it's going to take a while, longer than you'd like, but it will. And, like some others, I've had to part with some wonderful fur buddies, the most recent was last year. It takes a while to get over that loss too, but you will and a visit to a local shelter in about 6 months will allow you to find another buddy who desperately needs a home. He or she will love you with all their heart and will earn a place in yours just as big as your last. It will get better.
  2. gunner

    Trident Demo Day - April 15th

    OK, as someone who missed the EBFS annual, I might try to make this one but --- where is your shop, might get more attendance!
  3. gunner

    GLS.....can I raft it?

    This thread reminds me of Roxanne Quimby's position. She announced she was going to give her land to the Feds and asked for the opinions of Mainers. She was surprised at the response. If you are going to do something like this, don't asked for opinions that you know are going to be negative and then say you're going to do it anyway. Just do it. Folks will be pissed; some might lob a 5/0 hook at your raft but they would have assumed you were a tourist. Now they know better - you're from southern Maine, aka northern Mass. I'm guessing. Hell, I'm originally from Virginia and grew up with no great love of damn Yankees, and I still respect the traditions of Mainers more than it sounds like you do.
  4. gunner

    I remember this.

    In those days when I didn't feel like driving down to OOB, or tourist season had begun, I could go to some access spots along the Kennebec and catch stripers every other cast. And there were times I went up to Ellsworth and fished with Kevin and Peter on the Union and there were so many stripers that we caught one almost every cast and frequently all three of us had a fish on at the same time. The size of the stripers in the Kennebec has gone down but I still do well enough that I keep going back. Shad are getting more plentiful too and are fun to catch up towards Waterville. But its been a number of years since I have driven down to the OOB get togethers - they were fun.
  5. gunner


    In Maine I have a sit in kayak that I hate fishing out of - kills my back. I also had a Native Watercraft 14.5 ft Slayer for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico. It was a sit on top, with a high seat and self bailing scuppers. Excellent kayak except for one thing - it was heavy and I am now 70+ and had trouble getting it up on roof of car to transport around. But it was very stable and had plenty of room for any accessary. On still water you could stand up to cast with no problems. If you do go the kayak route, rig it up with an anchor trolley, something you don't see much of in Maine; it will make it much easier to anchor in various conditions. Oh, and if you are going in the ocean with a kayak, get one that is red - Coast Guard says its the best color to help them locate kayaks. And rig your kayak so everything can be held down by bungies in case a big wave rolls you; otherwise you lose whatever is not attached. And even though you may not plan on being in it at night, pack a dry bag with safety gear - light, flares, whistle. And wear a pfd.
  6. gunner

    I am thinking about this for next year .

    $15K plus for a week!!!! I thought Labrador was expensive for my bucket list! What, may I ask, do you do for a living? Oh, and I hope you noticed that site had not been updated since 2014.
  7. gunner

    Anyone on here have....

    try over on flyfishinginmaine.com its one of those regulars but my brain is starting to get forgetful.
  8. gunner

    St. Augustine, Florida fishing info?

    check out this link, it may help you: http://www.floridasportsman.com/regions/northeast/ http://forums.floridasportsman.com/
  9. But this proposal is for canoes only, not kayaks. And, if I recall correctly, didn't they make it mandatory for all kids to have to wear a pfd with some other restrictions a few years ago????
  10. Sure thing. I'm still figuring out how to paddle that short canoe and not have it swing off course, but I'm working on it. I may be back in time for Eldridege affair in late March and we can talk then.
  11. gunner

    Anyone hear about

    the correct outcome, IMHO.
  12. this bill was sponsored by senators from Franklin and Piscatiquis counties. may come around next year; some landowner must be pissed other than George Smith.
  13. gunner


    http://www.newfoundlandlabrador.com/ThingsToDo/Angling order the brochure; it comes quickly and review some of the info on the site.
  14. While I am down here in Florida I came across a guy being pulled into a boat by some nearby fishermen. The guy had been in a kayak, with a pfd on, and had a heart attack. He fell into the water but even though he had a pfd on, stayed face down. If the motorboat had not been nearby and observant, the guy would have died. Stuff happens -- when your number is up, your number is up. Russ and I both have our 10 foot canoes outfitted with outriggers; we can stand up to cast and the canoe will not tip over - the state is still going to mandate a pfd be on us?
  15. I have had a little discussion about this with my state rep; he agrees this is bs and will vote against it. write or call your reps to voice your opinion or live with the consequences of your inaction.