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  1. Bigspencer

    Anchor bag for Canoe?

    Sounds good...makes good use of smaller rocks = a timesaver. Of course the larger rocks are easy to tie/knot a rope around/to and it has good purchase(jagged edges....etc). If you have any substantial hike in/out the disposable rock/rocks are definitely the way to go...
  2. Bigspencer

    Working on the weekend

    Nice day man.....that's a terrific day, really rewarding to tempt em' to take even though it does indeed seem like pullin' teeth....and browns don't wanna rush things...even on the best of days....
  3. Bigspencer

    After losing a big one ........

    At least you found the answer in fooling a big fish into thinking it's taking the real thing....that's all one can ask for......plus ditto Kevin's thoughts.
  4. Bigspencer

    Crayfish Pattern

    Hey man...D'you remember where you found this!?
  5. Bigspencer

    “The Weather Is Here-Wish You Were Beautiful”

    Nice report guys.....
  6. Bigspencer

    New york

    It's a bit of a drive...when you get a map to look at compare the drives between that Batavia Kill, any branch of the Delaware*(top choice...as ossipee mentioned) and Schoharie Creek. Above all else...have fun down in the Catskills...beautiful area. You're close to Hunter Mtn....which has gotten significant amounts of powder(snow) during the last few winters....don't know if you or anyone in the family skis at all...but it's a legitimate mountain.
  7. Bigspencer

    Back to the crater

    +1 That HJ is one beautiful looking river man, along with its landlocks!
  8. Bigspencer

    New york

    I don't think Schoharie Creek ever had the trout population of the Delaware system and it sustained a major flood in the 90s...I used to fish it once in a while in the 70s and 80s so I really have NO idea what it did to its hatches or terrestrial life(lotsa help eh') It did have mostly all native browns. Several sections to it...and several(I think I remember..;-)) reservoirs...below the northernmost one might be the tailwater to visit...or really ANY stretch with decent water temps....DEFINITELY don't forget the water thermometer! Sorry I've forgotten the reservoir names(lived upstate, NE of Albany/Troy). I just looked at the online map the other night...
  9. Bigspencer

    After losing a big one ........

    Whoa, on waters like that out West...ANYTHING you yell/say is allowed...
  10. Bigspencer


    I usually like to go with the most supple....helps maintain loop size and thus...distance(but beats me...could've been the Ol' Wives Tail), sections go .017, .019, .021, .023...that was in the early 70s, when I first bought my Orvis box of small spools and knot-pamphlet... Umpqua seems to fit the bill...but there are plenty of leader material brands.. I admittedly have been lazy in just using all supple diameters with a supple tippet(and section prior to the tippet), so I have no knowledge as to what a stiffer butt end will do to a supple tippet end. A less stiff butt end seems to keep the loop from enlarging...emphasis on SEEMS. Sometimes I'll start speculating where I'd be if the time I spent studying flyfishing stuff, back in 6th-9th grades...wasn't more devoted to hiring college guys to teach me algebra, trig and calculus. However I think I can be safe in saying that the improvements in leader material(nylon and flourocarbon) have been significant as in outstanding!
  11. Bigspencer

    A Quick Visit to the EO

    Yes I think so but maybe just a slight change in direction for rod flex..y/n? Definitely a softer tip and not as stiff in the butt but plenty of rebound-flex. Just a different flex....thickness of walls...y/n? Randall...I think I need to take a look at a GoPro....see how it operates...with less human operation maybe....y/n? or at least some camera strapped to my chest, ready to go...
  12. Bigspencer

    Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!

  13. Bigspencer

    An extra terrestrial day

    Nice times around the mountains in the heat of summer....
  14. Bigspencer

    Happy 4th!!

    Beautiful pics, stripers and water. Yeah, our waters don't need any more 100 fish days....
  15. Bigspencer

    A quick report

    It is indeed terrestrial time..... Beautiful brookie man! It really is a priviledge to hook-up with trout like that in one's chosen small stream.