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  1. WEK

    Labor Day

    8. Is there any reciprocity for other states? Yes. Maine residents who are registered on the Maine registry may fish in New Hampshire without separately registering on the New Hampshire registry. Any person that possesses a valid saltwater recreational fishing license from any state that has been designated as an exempted state by NOAA may engage in recreational saltwater fishing in Maine without registering with ME DMR. Finally, any person registered on the National Saltwater Angler Registry through NOAA may engage in recreational saltwater fishing in Maine without registering with ME DMR. NOAA exempted states include ME, NH, MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, DE, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, TX, CA, OR, WA, AK. https://www5.informe.org/cgi-bin/online/dmr/swf/faq.pl
  2. WEK

    Green Crab Pattern?

    Another option would be to call Eldredge Bros, purchase a few different options, as well as the materials, and then use those as models to tie for yourself. They sell the Buffy as well as a really popular one called a Crab Pot tied and designed by lost510.
  3. WEK

    maybe this will happen to the stripers

    Unlike with tarpon, there is a sustainable amount of harvest possible, although I don't keep them for several reasons. I think more important is trying to solve the problems of the Chesapeake Bay and trying to protect the forage species that so many other species of fish thrive on. The Chesapeake is where the majority of our fish come from, and the bay is a complete dump. It's riddled with environmental problems. If the bay becomes a dead area, like much of it already is, then it won't sustain life any more, and the vast majority of the striped bass we fish for will become a thing of the past. The health of the bay has a direct effect on the health of the fishery. The other prong is baitfish. Bunker are being taken in large quantities by massive ships that for the most part belong to Omega Protein. Though this is the biggest issue concerning baitfish, many other forage species are being exploited. There is a sustainable amount of harvest possible for these species too, but right now there is too much greed and politicking going on to solve the problem. If the forage species are decimated, then there won't be enough bait to sustain the stripers and other predatory fish, and their populations will decline as well.
  4. WEK

    Just a reminder.

    A #9 is a good all around rod for strippers. For flies, I would recommend anything that with varying shades of green, similar to what you'd find on a 2 dollar bill.
  5. WEK

    Fly Fishing for Shad Saco River

    Mostly true, but there are a few areas of concern on a rod. You always want to rinse the rod after salt use, paying particular attention to the guides and reel seat. On rods that are made for freshwater, and some that are made for saltwater, these areas can become corroded fairly easily. If it's a budget rod, the guides are usually fairly cheap, and thus very susceptible to corrosion. Also, when lines have been used in saltwater, they expose the reels they're on to the same salt residue. It's a good idea to clean the line as well, or at least rinse it.
  6. WEK

    Opening day flies

    Probably a guitar minnow. No fishing for me until the stripes start running. I may head south to meet up with the fish before they make it up this way but that would be dependent on my employment situation changing.
  7. WEK

    new addition to my wall

    Been looking for that version for a while. Haven't been able to find one in decent condition. I have the newest edition and I get a chuckle every time.
  8. WEK

    Wanted: 6' , 2wt

    It seems that a lot of manufacturers don't give many options for 2 weight and down, most make 3 and up. L.L. Bean has the Streamlight Ultra 5'9" #3. It's not a #2, but it is a really fun rod, one of my favorites for the small stream fishing I like to do. It's only $99 for the rod only, or $169 for a ready to fish outfit. If you find some extra room in your budget, my personal choice would be a Beaver Meadow from J.P. Ross (http://www.jprossflyrods.com/flyrods/beaver_meadow/). Really great small stream rods, and affordable as far as custom built rods go. The smallest #2 they sell is 6'6" though. The Adams model is $220 with no reel, so you'll need to find even more room in your budget for a reel. For reels, I'd hit eBay. That's what I'v done for all of my small stream reels, which are, in essence, line holders and nothing more. For under 10 bucks you can find something that will work just fine.
  9. WEK

    wading boots

    They did. Their Vibram soles were not as effective as they claimed to be, in fact, they are darn slick. I would bet their sales suffered a bit without any felt options.
  10. WEK

    what tippet material

    I'm assuming you are using a floating line? If so, using fluorocarbon instead of mono will have no significant effect on depth. I tie my buggers with a bead and wire wraps on half of the shank. Then I start my thread. I only tie them this way because I use a floating line. Another option could be a poly/versileader. They aren't too expensive and are available in a bunch of sink rates. I don't like casting heavy flies that much so this is my preferred method, second only to an actual sinking line.
  11. WEK

    What we need

    Simms will install relief zippers on their waders for a fee, I think around $100, but it could be less. I would assume new waders only.
  12. WEK

    Now in mini

    I think it's made by Enrico Puglisi, which means if he doesn't have it, Jim can order it.
  13. WEK

    Spey Shots

    You left the price out: $925
  14. This is an interesting article written by someone at an independent fly shop. It makes a good case for spending your money locally, or at least at one of the site's sponsors. What do you guys think? http://www.thetroutshop.com/blog/view/2313
  15. WEK

    TV fishing shows

    Casey, there are quite a few episodes of the New Flyfisher on YouTube.