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  1. Owen

    Finally got tight....

    Thats wild
  2. Owen

    St. Augustine, Florida fishing info?

    I'd look up inshoreflycharters out of St Augstine it's a great service to catch lady fish and jacks on the flats. It's great in early april.
  3. Owen

    Been playin'..............

    I like the chartreuse squid fly
  4. Owen

    Did some filming

    That's a nice lil set up, the quality should be awesome. Can't wait to see the final product.
  5. Owen

    We all got them.

  6. Owen

    Got Lucky (04/08)

  7. Owen

    Calling all nymphers...

    If you're not snagging the bottom and losing flies you're not fishing deep enough.
  8. You won the drawing

    1. Owen


      Nice that's awesome! how do I get the prize?

  9. I do it for the salt, not for freshwater though.
  10. Owen

    Fall Beauties

    Huge Bows
  11. Nosh burger in the old port.
  12. Owen

    Lost a big one, any stories?

    I lost a massive striped bass earlier this season. I saw a large flash for my rabbit strip steamer and the fish took off like a bullet train. I don't know long this bass would have been but the weight must have been over 25 pounds. It still haunts me today even though it was pretty recent.
  13. Owen

    scribners mill

    It's really too bad. When will people learn to share and take care of a resource together? I believe as residents of the state of Maine, who use the states recreational resources fishermen and landowners a like should be held responsible for cleaning up the trash of law breakers. Law enforcement (besides wardens) unfortunately generally don't care much about cleaning/ stakeing out dumping areas. The wooded area beside my house would quite often scattered with house hold trash similar to Pelican's photo. I called the local police department and guess what they had "more important things to do." The point I'm trying to make is if you see some trash scoop it up. If you see someone else dumping trash handle it vigilante style, because other wise often no justice is served. We are too lucky for some outstanding fishery resources still left in our state, let's not diminish them anymore than what has already taken place.