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  1. papa

    Back to the crater

    Thanks for the posts and pics; awesome.
  2. papa

    Good season so far

    Great pics; thanks
  3. papa

    Striper Day.

    Sounds like a good time; I'm in.
  4. papa

    Equipment Recommendation - Beginner

    Lots of good combos out there. Why not go to Eldridge Bros in the spring and try out a multitude of rods. Lots off good people there that can help a lot.
  5. papa

    meaning of fly fishing?

    The challenge of catching a fish with a fly you tied and putting that fly just where you want it and at times the quiet solitude of being there alone.
  6. papa

    nymphs with or without

    Both. What I use depends on where I am fishing.
  7. papa

    Overated flies

    For me it would be muddler wooly bugger in any color; of course it could be the tier
  8. papa

    Reminds me of the early seventies....

    Ah the days of crunchy snow!!!
  9. papa

    Hasn't happened yet....

    Merry Christmas to all
  10. papa

    Free decals

    Got em. Thjamk you and merry Christmas to all.
  11. papa

    Anyone Skin a Partridge? Well I Have Now

    Thanks. Is the borax better than coarse salt? I've used salt on deer and have had really good results.
  12. papa

    Are you a Creature of...

    Sad to say but same place 90% of the time because it is close to home and I can get back to do other things. Keep saying I'm going to explore but haven't made it yet. THIS IS THE YEAR TO EXPLORE.
  13. papa

    Free decals

    86 Ocean Park Road Saco, Me 04072
  14. papa

    vise advice?

    I bought a Renzetti Traveler a couple of years ago and really like it. Haven't tried many others though. There's a local vise shown on this site that looks nice too,
  15. papa

    I have been thinking about shutting down the site

    It is a great site. Like you said Kevin many of us don't post because we don't know much and don't want to look foolish (stupid). We started fishing late in life and still have a lot going on so it's hard to invest the time we should. Soooo I guess I'l start the question thing with "when you do the entomology blog could you reference what flies and size would represent that bug for the time of year"? Right now I just keep trying anything I think the fish might like. I'll stop here and ask that you guys be gentle with me here.