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  1. A.L.Poland


    I do not see much pressure where you were. Though in the Maine stretch there are areas that receive extreme pressure. However, there are miles and miles in between that receive no pressure. The real problem that is “pressure” related is really when the water gets warm. I completely shut off and do not fish the river when water temps start hitting 70. But many do not. And they fish the cold water refuge areas and do not leave the fish alone. I don’t see the fishery recovery without a change in management and some unique regulations. Unique at least for maine. Such as warm water closures and such.
  2. A.L.Poland


    The stretch from shelbourne to rumford has no dams, it’s completely dependent on winter runoff and rain to keep flows up and water cold. The water gets low quick and warm this time of year with bad conditions. It fishes much like a freestone stream. It is a tough fishery. The fish MOVE a ton. Definitely a river that it helps to have a boat. Add in the fact that wild fish numbers are not what they were and add in what is stocked and you don’t have huge numbers per mile of river. One of my favorite fisheries that I will never give up on, but it is tough
  3. Evening Alex

    I was wondering if you had any of your hats left with the logo of the oil painting I bought from you in Bethel? If so will you be at the Freeze Up on Sunday? I could buy it from you there.  If you are not going to be at the Freeze Up and you do have one left, would it be possible to meet you somewhere so that I could pick it up? 

    I would like to display the hat as a conversation piece below your oil painting.

  4. A.L.Poland

    Countdown to 2018

    Been awhile since I have been on here. Nice fish peeps!
  5. A.L.Poland

    Wild or stocked

    I am very familiar with the management plan and the data collected. I went to the presentation of the plan as well at the beans expo a couple years back. It was very interesting as there was a question section at the end led by the head Biologist at the time. When asked about not stocking and focusing on wild fish, he said that the board created by the Upper Andro Alliance, main concern was fish catch rates, and that they were willing to sacrifice wild fish to keep catch rates up. He was very adamant that catch rates were the most important thing. Very short sighted!!!!!!!!!!
  6. A.L.Poland

    Wild or stocked

    In my opinion. The fishery has been mismanaged. The naturally reproducing rainbow fishery that once was, with large class fish was established on its own without stocking from maine. In order for that to happen again I would love to see the state not stock rainbows for a few years and see what happens. In the mean time, continue to stock browns, maybe in higher quantities, since the new strain has been holding over well and there has never been a measurable reproducing population to begin with. Finally stop all stocking of Brook Trout. There has been a push by the mahoosic land trust to bring back native Brook Trout. The only native Brook Trout in the maine section of the upper andro are at tribs or within tribs. The main stem is just too warm in the summer. The Stocked Brook Trout are on a death wish. They over feed in marginal water and die. They are nothing but terminal fish eating food that could sustain other non terminal fish, (bows and browns). This is from personal observation and hundreds of hours floating this river from NH to rumford.
  7. A.L.Poland

    New Video

    Thanks AK!
  8. A.L.Poland

    New Video

    Recent video I did that the maine outdoor film festival accepted into the broken and stoked contest if you feel so inclined please vote for me at http://maineoutdoorfilmfestival.com/brokeandstoked/. Thanks for watching guys!
  9. A.L.Poland

    Drift boat anchor

  10. A.L.Poland

    A.L. Poland Art Online Store

    I don't know if I will make down? Would love to be there though! If you want a couple decals though don't hesitate to order them up!!!!! We would be glad to mail them out to you.
  11. A.L.Poland

    A.L. Poland Art Online Store

    This will be in my next run of shirts!
  12. A.L.Poland

    A.L. Poland Art Online Store

    Thanks for all the support guys!
  13. A.L.Poland

    A.L. Poland Art Online Store

    Took a huge leap and started a store. You can view my new website and check out original paintings, apparel, coasters, yeti decal kits, stickers, and prints! https://www.alpolandart.com/
  14. A.L.Poland

    Western Maine Expo

    So glad you got this! I don't know if you have a yeti already.....but they are great!
  15. A.L.Poland

    Western Maine Expo

    To bad Kevin,. It was a fun day! It was Mac. By far my favorite event to do, based on the people I see and the quaint environment. So glad to hear!!!