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  1. Stick


    Try this:
  2. Stick


    correction I meant to say turn your "leader" over
  3. Stick


    # - Depends on your line weight. Your butt needs to be able to turn your line over. Brand doesn't matter all that much as long as there is continuity (no hinging). It's better to oversize than under-size.
  4. Stick

    Crayfish Pattern

    brow/green seems to get the most hits
  5. Stick

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I use my fly rod (carefully)
  6. Stick

    The Best Bass Flies

  7. Stick

    Bye bye Bean's unlimited warranty

    Don't forget about the people who buy sporting equipment (at Bean's) for a vacation or a weekend then return everything when their vacation or weekend is over.
  8. Thanks Mal. I wasn't going to hunt this year, knee and leg problems also, until I saw your mention of mountain bucks. My ringer-dinger went off.
  9. Stick


    Nice shark bait!
  10. Stick

    Today was the day....

    Try one of these guys on a long thin tippet. p.s. "theflyguy" is right; that place gets flogged to death.
  11. Stick

    G Loomis GLX 10 ft 10 wt pc Fly Rod

    Can you give the full description/full numbers? How much?
  12. Stick

    How to make it as a fishing guide

    Good luck to anyone thinking about doing this. I had the fantasy years ago with my application ready to send in. Before I sent my app. in, I decided to try a little unofficial guiding to find out if I would like it and spent one fall by helping guide hunters (on weekends) for a friend with a hunting camp. Here are some of the things that happened: One guy touched one off (accidentally) about three feet, and, directly at me. I passed-out from the concussion but luckily, the shot missed me by a few inches. I spent two weeks scouting and setting-up a three point blind system for a dominant buck that was sweet on some swamp does. My "hunters" decided to go shack-up with their own swamp does the night before the big day and showed up around 11a.m. The buck had come down off his mountain, checked-out the does, went back up the mountain a hundred yards, or so, made his hook, laid down for awhile, then went home. Set-up a push and had my "hunter" in a ground blind. I pushed the buck through some of the s**ttiest swamp, thorns, and blow downs imaginable and when I got to his blind, he wasn't there (the buck passed the blind within easy shooting range). The "hunter" decided to go for a ride on the ATV. Fishing: (Same camp) No one hooked me, or themselves but, the pervading feeling I had, from comments made, was that the "sports" expected the experience to be what they had seen on TV/movies, or read in magazines where they don't discuss the more "earthy" aspects of full contact fly-fishing such as - what it takes to find the 10% of water where 90% of the fish are hanging out on a particular day. I actually overheard one "sport" ask his friend (after we had geared-up) "How do I look ". Also (directly to me) "That's not how they did it in the TV show/movie/magazine". I also watched (during hunting and fishing) people washing a little mud off their new waders/hunting clothes, combing their hair, getting drunk, pooping their pants, falling down (sometimes getting dangerously wet), not wanting to get up in the morning, losing their equipment/clothes/water/food, and abusing camp equipment. Maybe I just had a bad run but, I found a new appreciation for anyone who has the patience to baby-sit, I mean guide. p.s. Don't even get me started on the feeding and cleaning involved.
  13. Stick

    Fishable Brooks

    I took an indirect state route from Hampden to Gray today and saw quite a few fishable brooks.
  14. Stick

    What's in your bag?

    Just emptied mine. Tin foil Paper towels Matches Rain jacket And what looks to be a 1985 vintage peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  15. Stick

    Wading boots with boa system

    Hey Alan. I had to defend my Korkers.