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  1. I have some rod building tools that I would like to sell. I bought these with the intentions of getting into building rods, but I just don't have the time to do it. What time I have available I would rather spend on the water. Below is a list of what I have to sell. CRB Variable Speed Rod Dryer 110v CRB Hand Wrapper System CRB Blank Extension Tool Alcohol Burner 1/8" and 1/4" nylon brushes 1/8" and 1/4" masking tape Mixing Cups/Sticks Razor Blades White China Maker Black Indian Ink Pen U40 Rod Bond 4oz Flex Coat Lite 2oz with Syringes 4-piece Grit Handle Reamer kit Burnishing tool, clippers, thread pick I also have a couple spools of silk thread I can toss in. A black, natural white, and a lime green. I paid $250 for all of this stuff. I would like $150 shipped or $125 Face-to-Face for the entire lot. I'm in Old Town until the end of the week and then moving to Hallowell. I'd be more than willing to meet up. I'm not willing to split it up. The only tool that has been used is the rod wrapper. Everything else hasn't been out of the box. Some of the supplies have been used like a little bit of the tape, some of the U40 Rod Bond, and maybe a brush or two.
  2. Trout Slayer

    The Journal

    Very cool, as someone looking to get into bamboo rod making I'm really looking forward to this. Maine is certainly the Mecca of split cane bamboo fly rods. There are still a plethora of makers in the state today.
  3. Trout Slayer

    bamboo fly rods?

    I just had a blank made by Dennis Stone of Stone Rod Co. It's a refined version of the FE Thomas Light Special taper 8' 4wt in 3/2 configuration. It's got extremely fine tips and the refinements Dennis has done to the taper makes it a pure dry fly action rod. I should get the blank this week and have the rod built in the couple following weeks thereafter, I'll post some pictures. I need to find a Hardy Cascapedia Mkii 2/3/4 to hang off it. Still on the fence if I want to get a true silk line and go through the required maintenance of fishing one, or just get a Cortland Sylk and call it a day. Eventually I'd like to get into making my own rods and designing new tapers. The costs of the associated tools, time needed, and required space with bamboo rod making are prohibitive for me right now. Hopefully a couple years down the road.
  4. I have a Scott G904/2 in great condition. Low serial number from the San Fran days. Sliding band reel seat and cigar cork grip. The ferrule fits great with appropriate gap and the blank is in great condition. I have the original rod tube and sock as well. It comes paired with a Ross Colorado LT 4/5 silver finish spooled with Rio Lightline WF4F. I have the box for the reel and neoprene cover. I may still have the fly line box. This rod and reel balance nicely. I prefer not to split the reel and rod up. I'm asking $550 shipped to you for this outfit, or $400 for the rod. I can get pictures to those who are interested later. This is one of the most legendary fly rods of all time, the very first 9' 4 weight. I'm located in Old Town and travel to Augusta weekly. I'm willing to meet somewhere along the I-95 corridor if someone wanted to cast this set up.
  5. Trout Slayer

    Free decals

    24 Wood St Old Town, ME 04468
  6. Trout Slayer

    That time of year

    The Hooke crew always puts on nice stuff and they aren't too far from here. Every time I watch one of their films it drives the desire to go to Gaspe even more. I watched Captain Jack's Yakutia film the other day, pretty neat stuff. I wonder if Western Waters Media has put out their trailer for this year yet, the Arctic Unicorn film from 2016 was really well done with beautiful fish.
  7. Trout Slayer

    Scott G3

    Too bad they chose Micarda for the reel seat and not wood burl as typically done on the G. Not saying Micarda isn't nice; I have some newer Ross reels with it and it feels nice, but wood looks better on a rod aesthetically to me.
  8. Trout Slayer

    Scott G3

    Scott is revamping the G lineup with the new "G Series". Looks like G2 met Radian and had a child. Kevin how much do you know about these? They look interesting. I'd like to get a 886 companion to go with my original G 904. https://www.tellurideangler.com/categories/Fly-Rods/Scott/G-Series-(New!)/
  9. Trout Slayer

    What's your best

    Not a yard sale, but bought an early San Fran era Scott G 904 for $150 on craigslist complete with tube and sock.
  10. Trout Slayer

    Is the extra cost worth it to you?

    I buy the best I can afford. I haven't regretted using that approach with any of my outdoor equipment and until I do, I will keep using that approach. The only thing right now I can see myself upgrading in the future is a nicer pair of waders and better sunglasses. I think fly line is a pretty under rated piece of gear that is well worthy of the expense. Good fly line can make a world of difference. I like the wide selection of new tapers and designs for more specialized types of fishing/presentations. I find myself looking more for specialized tapers rather than an all around weight forward "do all" tapers. Freshwater reels I've probably wasted some money on, but I don't regret the purchases at all. A $500 Ross Evolution R isn't needed for anything in Maine, but it sure looks and feels great. Different strokes for different folks. Whatever makes you happy at the end of the day. I don't buy expensive gear expecting it make me a better angler, but I've noticed a difference between low end and top end after using both. Warranties are a big consideration of mine when purchasing as well.
  11. Trout Slayer

    WTB: Old Town Pack canoe

    Looking for a Pack canoe. Please message me with any information. Would also consider a Discovery 119.
  12. Trout Slayer


    I'd wait another week. Sure it's doable, but I much prefer to fish it below 550 or so. Between 400-500 is about prime flow. I usually go memorial day weekend and hit some really good hatches there then. Don't be afraid to explore the river away from the crowds, there will be fish all through the river.
  13. Trout Slayer

    How far

    Generally between 60 and 100 miles one way each trip depending on where. It certainly limits how much I get to go. Hopefully fuel costs stay low through this spring, summer, and fall.
  14. Trout Slayer

    A.L. Poland Art Online Store

    Awesome stuff Any chance we'll see some brookie tshirts eventually?
  15. Trout Slayer

    New vise!

    I bought a HMH Spartan at LL Bean yesterday with 25% off if you spend $100. Hard to beat a vise like this for $150. Looking forward to tying on it this weekend.