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  1. streamer12

    Last day for this river

    Plecain why wait for spring the river opens back up jan 1st
  2. streamer12

    My 2017

    Nice zach hopefully you have another good winter at that spot
  3. streamer12

    Fall Colors

    Stud muffin
  4. streamer12

    do you?

    Nope. Don't have the right personality for it
  5. streamer12

    Brown trout on para-hoppers

    That 3rd pic down...beauty
  6. streamer12

    Which is your Favorite and why?

    I'd be so disappointed if I hooked that chub and thought it was something else lol
  7. streamer12

    Mostly rainbows

    Love the orange brookies!
  8. streamer12


    Realistic bucket list- **** river, red brook, Farmington river , mattawamkeag and maybe the south Holston those rivers down there with big browns
  9. streamer12

    Big Bugs Are Always Fun

  10. streamer12

    Good bassin' nights.

    Yeah i was having fun throwing frogs at night for a while but I stopped for some reason..
  11. streamer12

    Some pretty invasives

    Nice always enjoy your summer reports of the small streams
  12. streamer12

    Nesowadnehunk Lake

    Try an Edson tiger
  13. streamer12

    Spring Small water Sqauretails

    nice natives randall
  14. streamer12

    small stream last week

    Love the beaver flowages , my kinda place
  15. streamer12

    Today was the day....

    X2 what aaron said.Your judging your abilities on dinky stocked browns? Who cares lol