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  1. Aldo

    Favorite hopper

    Chernobyl Ant.
  2. Aldo

    Cap Chat?

    Anyone here ever fish the Cap Chat in Quebec? Headed to Forillon and then Gaspesie national parks in a couple weeks and thought I might try the open sector for a day. Does it get crazy crowded, or do I stand a reasonable chance of being able to swing my way down through a run or two without waiting for hours in rotation? Vive les saumons!
  3. Aldo

    Can you imagine?!!!

    That's a whole bunch of fish n' chips!
  4. Aldo

    Weedless Poppers

    Mostly, yes, they work (if you mean keeping the fly from snagging on "fixed" stiff like tree limbs and lily pads, while still hooking fish). Still, I did get some loose weeds hanging up on the face of the popper itself. Pretty much unavoidable.
  5. Aldo

    Nice fish

    The hat is key; a major factor in fishing success largely ignored in the literature. I don't have daughters at home anymore...maybe if I tell my wife to tell me to catch a big one? :-)
  6. Aldo

    Nice fish

    You are an absolute magician, sir! I'd like to have about 1/100th of your skill/mojo with finding and hooking those big fish. Well done!
  7. Aldo

    Hooked a big one

    An argument for barbless hooks? Glad to see all was well in the end.
  8. Aldo

    40 on the 4th

    Pogies for miles....That's got my pulse up. Perhaps some bluefish to follow.... Well played on those big fish, too!
  9. Aldo

    Headed upta camp

    The main drain for that part of the state has browns in the stretches immediately below the Madison, Skowhegan, and Shawmut dams. A small tributary stream starting at Messalonskee Lake and flowing through the Waterville/Oakland area also has them immediately below its several dams.
  10. Aldo

    Crayfish Pattern

    I've only ever fished it on the swing, but maybe it will translate well to still water: This is Marty Howard's Cosmic Shrimp. I tie it in brown, black and olive. Alas, no pics of mine (which aren't nearly as spiffy as Marty's anyway). Here's the link for a step-by-step: http://www.speypages.com/speyclave/95-hooks-feathers-floss/92801-cosmic-shrimp-step-step.html
  11. Aldo

    Crayfish Pattern

    Still or moving water?
  12. Aldo

    Thoughts / Opinions?

    I would have walked over and said something to the effect of, "If you wanted to know where to fish and what fly to use, you could have just asked. That would have been the polite thing to do." No need to get bent out of shape or confrontational.
  13. Aldo

    Time for another to step up.

    Fish more. Type less. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. Aldo

    Tidal Currents

    Mostly, I fish when I can; life dictates that more than tides. That said, when I fish, I fish places that are more productive at that time in the tide cycle; some are more productive when the water is moving one way than the other. In the end, fish are where there's enough water to cover their backs (#1 factor), there's food (#1a), , and generally where there is some "push" (moving water #2).
  15. Aldo

    Wader pool.

    Leaky as they are, there must be something you like about them if you still keep going back after 836 previous pairs.