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  1. JCaron


    Tim, I fished the Bingham stretch Tuesday. I didn't bother taking a temperature reading but the water is relatively warm I would estimate around 70 degrees. With that being said there are some areas that the water temp is a few degrees cooler. I went during the middle of the day and I caught fish steadily. Should be worth your time. Shoot me a pm if you have more questions
  2. JCaron

    Rapid River

    Next weekend I'm going camping at Southarm campground on Lower Richardson Lake. I have never found time to make it to the rapid before and I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction on access to the river and some general areas on where to begin fishing (below or above the pond in the river). I don't mind PM's as well! Thank you for any advice
  3. JCaron

    Top 3 early season Flies

    What are your most productive flies for early season fishing? 1- Black Ghost 2- Black Wooly Bugger 3- Floating Smelt
  4. JCaron

    BIG FISH!!!!!!!

    These were caught within the last week. They were both just shy of 20" , but both of them are pretty fish and worthy of sharing.
  5. JCaron

    Big E TEMP

    It was 68 degrees Friday night at the big eddy
  6. JCaron


    I'm finishing up my grad school at Husson this year as well, and this coming weekend I'm taking an end of the summer camping/fishing trip up to the West Branch with my Dad. If your interested in doing some fishing this fall PM me. I'll be taking my gear up to Bangor with me and hope to do some fishing on the West Branch and at GLS.
  7. JCaron

    Kennebec In the West Forks and Madison

    I have never explored the forks deeply, but I have stopped in and fished it when in the area. I seem to do alright on simulators and irresistible adams. They seem to produce a few fish pretty regularly. I have also been other sections of the kennebec the last few weeks. I have had luck with a pmx with a peacock body and sulphur spinners
  8. JCaron

    Keeping my Sanity

    Great pictures, I have had a few good days myself in that same spot.
  9. JCaron

    Tips for Moscow area...

    Water temp was 71 below austin stream Saturday night
  10. JCaron

    Tips for Moscow area...

    The best flows for wading this section is 5000 and below. 3500 is where I like it best. I would definitely consider a wading staff in this section of the kennebec. Sulphurs and stoneflies are a pretty good bet for bugs coming off the water.
  11. JCaron

    Cleaning your fly line

    Everyone has their own way of doing it and use certain products. Some people only use armorall and others use products that are created specifically for fly lines. Which products do people prefer to keep their line lasting a long time?
  12. Hello everyone, I'm Jeremy Caron from Fairfield, Maine. I grew up on the banks of the Kennebec with Solon, Madison, and Shawmut all within 30 minutes of my doorstep. I started fly fishing 14 years ago, and I just started exploring the world of fly tying. I attended the TU Trout Camp in 2007, and if anyone has teenagers that are into fly fishing I would highly suggest them applying. Definetly one of the best experiences of my life. In the spring and fall I live in Bangor for school and I'm always looking for people to bring out fishing, so don't be shy and message me if you want to come out! Good meeting everyone, Jeremy
  13. JCaron

    Rises...but no fish

    I'm not sure if you tie, but if you do check this out. It's a very basic loopwing pattern, and it works well for me. It also is very productive in other colors. It's worth a look, and even if you don't tie it would be a purchase worth the money at a local fly shop. Even when you see fish clearly hitting the surface, it is not always a bad idea to drag an emerger along behind it. Sometimes it helps you fool the bigger fish in the hole. http://tbarsflies.blogspot.com/2013/02/loop-wing-emerger-step-by-step.html (Emerger Link)
  14. JCaron

    Rises...but no fish

    Bridog, Seeing this in the river can get frustrating, especially when they are feeding heavily. I often approach this situation by tying on a stimulator, white wulff, or a caddis pattern that floats high on the water so you can see it well. I don't expect to get much action on this fly, it is more of a strike indicator for me at this point. I will then run 12" of tippet off the hook bend and tie a loopwing or cdc emerger that I can get to sink just below the surface. If you put the fly under the water and squeeze it a few times before casting the air pockets will come out of the feathers and this can help to get the fly under the surface on your first cast, rather than floating on top for a series of casts. Use your stimulator/white wulff/ caddis as a strike indicator and if you see a dorsal behind it, set the hook. Getting the emerger under the surface on the first few casts is key, and can be very rewarding.
  15. JCaron

    sink tip line advice needed

    I was in the same boat as you a few years ago but didn't have the money to go out and buy new line. I bought a sink tip leader that orvis makes and that is what I use. It cost no more then 10 dollars. Seems to work well for me and it can be taken on and off very easily.