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  1. Kired

    Looking for

    Might want to check mardens, I saw some cheap waders there hip boot and chest waders. Saw some frog toggs wading boots at the one in Brewer too a while back but they were to small for me.
  2. Kired

    Life time license

    "A Maine Tradition and a Gift that Lasts a Lifetime: A lifetime license, purchased for yourself or as a gift, allows the bearer to fish, trap, and/or hunt for their lifetime, regardless of where they live in the future. Revenues generated by these licenses are deposited in a special trust fund that provides long term financial support for Maine's fish and wildlife."
  3. Kired

    Life time license

    One of the best gifts I've ever received was when my parents got me a lifetime hunt/fish combo. It's a great deal for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. I've made great use out of it, certainly one of the best gifts that can be given in my opinion.
  4. Kired

    Newest build

    I just finished up a fiberglass 8' 5wt rod. Went for the first trial run with some success.
  5. Kired


    Yeah I actually got it on ebay with their discount code yesterday for 86 bucks with free shipping on a buy it now option.
  6. Kired


    I opted for the liquid, hopefully I can find the time to get out and actually use it this year for some schoolie action. Who knows if I get addicted enough I'll get a more appropriate reel for next year and use this one for trolling. Thanks for the insights everyone.
  7. Kired


    I ended up snagging a sage 3250 reel for my 5wt, needed a new reel and I fish that more than I will anything else, so my fund has taken even more of a hit lol. How about the lamson liquid? I know it's cast but it seems like a decent low cost reel, I was looking at the scientific anglers ampere electron as well? Thoughts?
  8. Kired


    I'm thinking about putting together a set up for the occasional striper trip, I was wondering about decent reels that won't break the bank. Anyone have any suggestions to look at?
  9. Kired

    Old Town Stilwater canoe

    Haven't had a chance to get it out on the water yet, but I do like how lightweight it is compared to my disco. Saw it beside the road as I was driving by and almost didn't turn around to look at it because of all the traffic. It was worth the hassle to go back when I saw his price tag, couldn't resist.
  10. Picked up an Old Town Stillwater fiberglass canoe (15' 8") the other day in a yard sale. Never seen one before, haven't had a chance to try it out yet. Anyone fished out of one before, it looks like it will have less freeboard than the discos wondering if it might be on the tippy side.
  11. Kired

    Night Fishing Salmon and Brookies

    I've caught fish with wooly buggers in the dark, and on dries in the fading light. Some times if they are still rising in the dark you can hit a few on dries but that can be difficult and hit or miss.
  12. Kired

    Good budget polarized fishing sunglasses?

    I use flying fisherman clip on, they do offer regular sunglasses as well in a variety of prices the last time I ordered a couple years ago.
  13. Kired

    Allagash Al

    Sitting down at the vice and opened up my tandem streamers book and flipped to a page. Wing- Ginger furnace, Red Bucktail Throat- Red Hackles Body- Silver mylar ribbed with oval tinsel
  14. Kired

    fishing report

    I've seen a lot more use of that stretch the past two years, people have been all over the hatchery pool the past couple days as well. I didn't even bother trying to find a spot down there this evening went down saw the crowd on both sides and below and drove further down the road and had just as good fishing.
  15. Kired

    Helping a newbie pick a setup

    I wouldn't be scared about the Cabelas Three Forks combo. I think it's under 200 rod and reel. I learned on an 8' 5wt three forks rod and I still fish it from time to time.