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  1. PFFlyer

    40 on the 4th

    good stuff
  2. PFFlyer

    Happy Birthday AMERICA !!!!!

    say it again thanks
  3. PFFlyer

    North of Rockland

    Redgreyghost, i work in ellsworth near on the union, they can and have been in the machias, same year as here, maybe 9yrs. now. since then i have tried all but 2 or 3 yrs. to fish them, nothing since, nothing. I will try again this year butt we will see.
  4. PFFlyer

    Rod sections won't fit

    as above mentioned, actually it depends on how much is in the hole.
  5. PFFlyer

    Rod sections won't fit

    perfect, maybe cut an inch piece to wrap a bit around section. interior is going to be tougher. you coming thru ellsworth, drop it to me, bring beer, i willl take it home put it on rod turner.
  6. PFFlyer

    Rod sections won't fit

    I would try for a better fit. Go slow. There may be more oxy in the female part also. I would be better with sand paper vs. wool
  7. PFFlyer

    Tidal Currents

    I think this is an awesome post. I do not follow or predict, add to this wind on shore or off.
  8. PFFlyer

    Fixing the cork on old fly rods

    is there an eye above the cork, if so cut it off free up winding check, slide old off new on glue well re eye, good to go. should not be too bad$ to have a flyshop fix it.
  9. PFFlyer

    River changes

    down east ish has dropped quick.
  10. PFFlyer

    Bug I.D.

    just was gonna say that also.
  11. Hi PFFlyer, i will be trying east machias river and cathance brook after work, other than that im unsure where to go. I just moved from ellsworth and always fished Graham or leanord lake. The third causway on the Fletchers landing stretch used to get me some huge small mouths. 

    1. Skwotingdog


      Not Cathance, i meant Chase Mills brook

    2. PFFlyer


      I am in Ellsworth, I fish a bit around rt 9. Dennys for me blows. up higher off 192 and up stream from there, some but shitty bottom, all silt. I think cat would be good mills also. maybe the orange also

  12. PFFlyer

    Machias area fishing

    there are a bunch of spots around you. a little north. some spots are small and get burnt pretty quick. i thought a pm would be better.
  13. PFFlyer

    On the board

    8 or 9 years now with no fish here in ellsworth.
  14. PFFlyer


    we are putting a small orchard in, couple weeks now, yesterday was the shizzzle for black flys.Had to grease the tractor, had a hard time getting the new tube of grease to fit, holy heck covered in grease tractor off and they lit me right up, ended up smearing grease on my arms!! fly paper person
  15. PFFlyer

    Ray Stout

    Ray was in the store couple yrs ago, got me one of his floaters that day,