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  1. LaBonte207

    Rapid Stream

    Not sure, you should go out and try fishing it! Exploration is the best way to get to know a system! Streams are pretty low and really warm, I imagine rapid stream is no different. If the water temp is above 60-65F, you're better off not fishing it. Fish stress threshold is much lower in these warmer months. With that being said, get out there and good luck!
  2. LaBonte207

    Weedless Poppers

    Tied some weedless poppers today to try and go throw around on Wednesday. My question is, does it work? I used the double mono strands to make a v shape. Looks like it should work, but I have my doubts. Anyone have experience with it? What about hook up success? Seems like it shouldn't be too much of a problem, but just curious if you guys have had any success with any particular style of weedless fly. GL
  3. LaBonte207

    Had a rough month

    Sorry to hear that, terrible news. Hope you can find some peace and solace through the water.
  4. LaBonte207

    Nice fish

  5. LaBonte207

    Radio Silence... Either....

    Headed out near Portland later, I’m in the same boat as you. Lots of rats, couple upper 20’s, but fishing has slowed a little I feel GL
  6. LaBonte207

    An extra terrestrial day

    Awesome stuff!
  7. LaBonte207

    Pogies are in.

    Awesome stuff, and great information. Appreciate it!
  8. LaBonte207

    A quick report

    Awesome fly! Thanks!
  9. LaBonte207

    A quick report

    That is a very large mountain stream brookie. Very cool. Do you have a pic of the popper? Would love to tie some up! Great work!
  10. Spent an extended weekend away from the salt and decided to head up north. I'm not a huge fan of hiking, unless there is a pond at the top, however, I was coaxed into doing so. What was an unexpected pleasantry atop Maine's tallest mountain, was the scouting ability. I didn't realize how much water surrounds katahdin. I guess i've seen it on an atlas, but seeing it in person made me realize I should expand my horizons once in a while. Anyways, we took Abol trail up and came to Thoreau Spring, 1 mile from the peak. It says that He climbed the mountain in 1846 and it got me wondering what the fishing would have been like in the area in 1846. Was it better? Was it worse? No doubt it was better, but was it less challenging? Were the hatches still the same? After the ascent to Baxter peak, we headed back down in search of some salmon. Luckily for me my fishing partner is turning out to be quite the fly fisherwoman, a little tired, and not the biggest of salmon, it was her first salmon on the fly, so she was excited. Salmon weren't picky in going up to the fly, but they were relatively picky in really swallowing the fly. We had a bunch of what appeared to be splashes at the fly, but no hook set. That changed as the sun went down, so I attribute the missed fish to the weather not the fishermen After dinner, we relaxed, drank, and eased our sore muscles in the cool water with a cool refreshment. Have to throw a little shout out to A.L. Poland, love my koozie We fished a very popular pool the first night and it wasn't even worth fishing until after 8 pm. Fish have become intelligent I believe and know that most yahoos don't stay out past dark. We did, and the fishing was electric. Caddis emerger size 20 trailing a fluffy size 16-18 caddis was the ticket and will most likely continue to be the ticket for the next month during the setting sun. All in all it was a good trip, filled with exciting new experiences. If I had to give advice on hiking katahdin, when you think you're almost there, you're really not. I'll be back up that way for a week end of July, if anyone will be there, we should meet up and wet a line! Cheers, GL
  11. LaBonte207

    Second Helping

    Very very pretty fish! Thanks for sharing!
  12. LaBonte207

    Hook size

    Awesome stuff!
  13. LaBonte207

    Myth Busters, The Angling Edition

    I have seen this as well, also with a salmon. I thought he might still have a hook in his mouth or he broke off from a fisherman up above. It never occurred to me that it could be from memory. Excellent listen. I was taught most of the topics covered in the interviews during undergrad and my masters and I'm sure most of the bios in Maine understand them. Sometimes what you want to do and what your boss tells you you can do are two different things unfortunately.
  14. LaBonte207

    Wanna talk bugs?

    So I went and "roughed" it in Jackman for a few days and well something quite unique happened. Warning, there is no fish pictures, but if you're into bugs, this is a thread for you. I've seen a few drakes here and there, but never really been in the middle of the hatch. Well, that is no longer the case. Here are creepy crawlies from Jackman. Very few fish were rising. Haha just kidding. I didn't even fish the hatch was so overwhelming, was just very cool to observe. Just for size comparison. There were a few that, including the tail, were longer than my pinky. Very pretty Polyphemus moth. Also very big, actually kind of scared me, I almost walked right into it. I can see how a predator might think twice, not to mention it's the size of a human hand. Alright, here is 1 fish picture! Cheers, GL
  15. LaBonte207


    Dude, not the right place, try introducing yourself first before trying to get easy info out of people.