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  1. LaBonte207

    A musky Fly

    Yep, it is articulated. I like the chocklett's articulated big game shanks. Easy to work with I think.
  2. LaBonte207

    Fall Pike?

    Well they’re out there. Looks like I’ll have to give it a shot!
  3. LaBonte207


    Love the little hook jaws on some of these salmon. Very cool, thanks for sharing!
  4. LaBonte207

    A musky Fly

    Seeing Kevin's recent Musky Fly post got me in the mood. Could be a great Pike fly as well. It's almost 8" long. Have never used it, but swims well in the tub. I am hopefully taking her out for a test run for Pike this fall. Would be a shame to lose this fly, took a little while to tie! GL
  5. LaBonte207

    Fall Pike?

    I usually do all of my pike fishing in the summer and early spring. Never really out anytime in October chasing pike around. Is it worth it? Anyone had any luck? Was thinking of hitting the Andro, where I know there are Pike, but not real sure if there are specific fall tactics. probably same as spring, but figured I’d ask! Thanks guys! GL
  6. LaBonte207

    What's going on?

    Been doing lots of fishing and hunting. Ducks are flying around
  7. LaBonte207

    Middle dam?

    Well, this is interesting. I go to Middle dam sparsely, but the area is beautiful, the fishing is excellent, and the wholistic experience is remarkable. To restrict access or fishing quality in an area that is so rich historically, seems like a direct hit on intrinsic values of Maine people. We shall see, hopefully the wholistic experience is not tainted.
  8. LaBonte207

    Musky flies

    I too thoroughly enjoy tying Muskie flies and I’ve never even fished for em! Those are very nice looking flies!
  9. LaBonte207

    Expedition: BrookTrout

    Awesome report! Love the cave diving!
  10. LaBonte207

    Fall truly is beautiful (pic heavy)

    Thanks guys! We truly are blessed to live in this great state!
  11. Great stuff! Love those fish, a magical time of year!
  12. LaBonte207

    Blue Doctor

    Amazing fly. So perfect!
  13. Every year, the misses and I go on a fall trip to the Rangeley area for some sight seeing, fishing, hunting, and camping. This trip is one I truly look forward to, for all the magical reason we have come to know and love. Days were mild, ranging from 45-60F, nights were cold, ranging from 33-45F. We enjoy "roughing it" over a comfy cabin, I like to think it keeps me young. Here was our humble abode for the extended weekend: We stayed at the Cupsuptic Campground in the wilderness sites down green top rd. It's a lovely little patch of woods, full of wild life. If you're into the tent life, I would highly suggest the Cupsuptic campground and the wilderness site, great people and great privacy. One thing I find most pleasant, is collecting, cutting, and organizing firewood. I am not sure why, but there isn't anything quite like seeing a messy bed of sticks turned into neatly stacked wood. Satisfying to say the least: Day 1: So the first day was filled with setting up, getting cozy, making some good food and enjoying the scenery. I live in Portland, and although I do frequent Maine's wilderness regularly, the city can make any man miss the woods quickly. We checked out height of land and the trees were absolutely beautiful this weekend. I swear, in just 4 short days, the trees changed drastically. These hard wood stands were lit up. Pretty interesting to see them, pockets of hardwoods, I like to imagine that all the deer in the area are tucked into these pockets. Day 2 was filled with checking out the town and enjoying a trip to the Rangeley fly shop. A great shop, i ended up buying some fly line (can't leave that place without buying something). Although, I would have rather been fishing, need to keep the old lady happy! Here she is foolin around at the red onion. Okay, so enough of the boring stuff, onto the fish! Day 3 was filled with fishing all day. My buddy made the treck up to accompany myself and the fish. Last year, we did the same thing and didn't see a fisherman all day. This year was a little more crowded, but nonetheless, fish were everywhere and willing to play, so it didn't really matter. Wetflies worked early in the morning, bringing a healthy brook trout to hand This brookie took a wet fly. Fish were seemingly taking emerging insects, likely midges, and it only made sense, throw a wet fly. A few more fish and the area started to get crowded, so we decided to move down stream where there was surprisingly nobody present. Amazingly, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd casts resulted in some healthy 14-19" salmon. Another 4 or 5 fish would be pulled from this pool, including a remarkable brook trout. It wasn't the biggest of the day, but it was the most beautiful. Again, all these fish were taken on wet flies swung. The fish, particularly the salmon, were so apt to take a wetlfly, in this location, on several casts, I could see 2 or 3 fish take a swipe or follow the wetly as it was swung through the pool. Pretty amazing stuff. We continued to fish for a while, stopped to go get lunch at the Oquossic Grocery store for some of the most amazing haddock chowder I've ever had. Another incredibly fine establishment. Fishing continued and the wetfly bite slowed. Nymphing became the staple for the end of the day and a real freak of a brookie came to hand at the end of the day. One of those pigs that you dream of catching. Healthy in weight and very long. I didn't get a length on it, just wanted to make sure it swam away healthy, and it did! Extremely long. It took an emerging caddis/stonefly mix I tied up. Looks nothing like any bug i've ever seen, but it worked. Sometimes I imagine these fish have seen so many flies, sometimes you need to throw something you or they have never seen. The day ended and we were both very pleased with the outing. Day 4 was opening day of bird hunting, one of my favorites. I had been seeing tons of birds on the road the whole weekend and this day was no exception. I saw a total of 22 birds. The misses just likes pointing them out (she's more of a lover than a killer). We both could have easily limited out. If you're itching to get after some birds, they are out there in big numbers. I limited out by 10AM and we were both very tired and very happy to go enjoy our last day at camp, kicking back and enjoying all that Maine has to offer. All in all, it was an amazing trip. I'm incredibly thankful to be given the opportunity to enjoy Maine's natural resources. Hopefully, management and conservation efforts alike continue to put Maine's wildlife at the forefront of concern, so generations to come can marvel at Maine's beauty as I do. GL
  14. LaBonte207

    Who can ID this bug?

    I know this doesn't seem right, but it really looks like a green lacewing to me. The wings and eyes make me think green lacewing. What's weird is they are not an aquatic species, they don't lay their eggs in the water and they don't live in the water as larvae. The only other thing I think it could be, due to the wing formation, is some localized green sedge with clear wings? Which would be unusual, but I suppose possible. Here are a few pictures of the green lacewing: Hope this helps!
  15. LaBonte207

    "Stoned" lobsters ?

    I've never had a conversation with a lobster, but they don't seem to care too much when I toss em into the boiling pot! Would like to talk to the person who knows they are aware they are about to be boiled...