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  1. LaBonte207

    Backup Spool

    I use intermediate a lot. I have a spare float (poppers) and fast sink (crabs) in the truck, but intermediate is my choice 9/10 times.
  2. LaBonte207

    Atlantic Salmon fly selection

    Look pretty good to me! I’m sure local intel will have beneficial info as well!
  3. LaBonte207

    Milk Weed Fly

    Great tie!
  4. LaBonte207

    Getting lost for the weekend

    The WB of the Penob may be cool enough up towards the station, might want to check with some local fly shops though. Also, some good bird hunting in that area.
  5. I have been having real trouble finding fish between 10AM - 5PM. After 5 PM has been fantastic as of recent for myself, particularly on shallow flats. I've noticed more crabs running around at my feet? Maybe a local migration? Regardless, I haven't been having great success on crabs, but the activity I think are bringing fish in close during low light. Mal suggested earlier that the small bait fish are making their annual migration into the estuaries. I studied these exact fish for my Master's in Maine, so I have a fairly good grasp on when and where they will be. Unsurprisingly, Mal was right, all of the fish I've been nabbing have been on the fly below or something very similar, I never gave them a lot of thought, too small, guess I was wrong. Guess I'll have to tie up a batch. Incoming low has been my preferred tide as well. Small, 3-4" max. This was the biggest I've seen recently, caught a few in the 30's last night, all in 3-5' of water. Might have to go back tonight. GL
  6. LaBonte207

    Estuarial Buffet.

    Amazing stuff as usual! Thanks for the helping hand!
  7. LaBonte207

    Went to the Hills

    Very nice! They are stone fly husks. A good sign for a small stream. Thanks for sharing!
  8. LaBonte207

    Homemade poppers

    Very creative! Very interesting.
  9. LaBonte207

    Fly box for bass bugs

    I'm with Mainiac, I've been making my own for the past few years with some tupperware or other plastic container and just inserted foam as needed. Cheap, works great.
  10. LaBonte207

    simple little green caddis emerger

    Hook: Mustad Dry R50-94840 Size 20 Thread: Uni-thread 6/0 Camel Body: Green, black, and brown Life Cycle Caddis Dubbing Start by making an extremely thin body, just with thread Flip over and tie in a clump of green dubbing on each side of the hook, leave long Flip right side up, place black clump on each side of hook, 1.5 hook lengths long, Place brown clump on top, leave long. Whip finish and pull any loose strands out. I then super glue or head cement the head, letting a very little amount soak into the fiber to make them more durable. cut at a downward angle to create taper of desired length, I like 2 hook lengths long or right around there. Wet profile Here is a side by side of an emerging little green caddis and the fly GL
  11. LaBonte207

    Should it ever cool off again..................

    Hopefully the fall run is healthy, because I’m with you, I hate this muggy hot weather
  12. LaBonte207

    Big fish weekend

    Those are some hefty smallies right there!
  13. LaBonte207

    First Striper

    Awesome stuff right there!
  14. LaBonte207

    Little Green Caddis (Pic Heavy)

    No problem! Most of the patterns are just variants of some that I have seen on some youtube video or in someone else box. I've tweaked and taken notes on which patterns work the best, then tweak them some more until I'm finally happy. Once i've found a pattern that I really like for a designated river, I'll make a dozen or so of them. The tweaking never ends though, always a new color combo or different feather, size, etc. The thing I often think about is, a good majority of fly fisherman are buying their flies from one source or another, and the larger fish see them and get fooled occasionally, but they remember, I'm certain. If you can throw something that is even slightly different in size, shape, color, it will trick an extra fish or two. Throwing a fish something they've never seen before has paid great dividends for myself. I will make a full recipe and step by step for that last fly and post it in the fly tying thread. It's incredible simple and once mastered, I can produce 50-100 in a day if necessary.
  15. LaBonte207

    Little Green Caddis (Pic Heavy)

    I probably caught fish on over 20 flies, but the four most successful are as follows: p.s. - All fish caught in these photos were caught on one of these 4 flies or a fly very similar to them (instead of brown bodied caddis, a green one worked well also). Size 16, wetly style, Maine partridge, Maine red squirrel body, red silk tail. Size 18, Caddis emerger, all synthetics Size 16/18, body is stripped hackle feather, cdc grey underwing, light tan elk hair wing, I actual use a barbless emerger hook from risen fly (2488bl). It makes the body sit in the water, while the wing sits flat in the water. Works very well I find. Size 20-24, looks like nothing, brown dubbing and green dubbing, probably the most productive fly we used. Let me know if you want to see any others or step by step instructions on how to tie some of them! GL