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  1. carlos

    What’s your favorite spring time fly

    red and white bucktail
  2. carlos

    cork grip question

    thank you gentlemen.
  3. carlos

    cork grip question

    Is there a way to reduce the thickness of the grip on a rod? I have one rod I would use a lot more if the grip was a little smaller and more comfortable for my hand.
  4. carlos

    Opening day

    I'll be working....too much ice up here.
  5. carlos


    I started using them a lot after a shoulder injury--couldn't maintain a repeated back cast. Still prefer them unless I am fishing a hatch.
  6. This could be B.S., but I read somewhere that purple is the wavelength of light most visible under water. Maybe fish don't see flies as well as we think--hence the success we have with bright attractor flies... at times anyway.
  7. carlos

    New Quiz

    I got 80%, and I didn't know most of the answers.....process of elimination.
  8. carlos

    Headed to Presque Isle - Advice?

    In this part of the state the wise fisher person waits until May
  9. carlos

    brown trout

    In the North, the Meduxnekeag in Houlton has a sustaining population of browns.
  10. carlos


    Add a Muskie to that bucket list. You are welcome to spend your hard earned recreation dollars in Aroostook county!
  11. carlos

    Which one

    It's a toss up for me though I remember the big ones because I tell the tale more often.
  12. carlos

    How long have

    I started in 1973, the spring after I got my drivers license. With a fiberglass rod and some self-tied wet flies. That would be 40 years ago. Most all of it has been up here in the County. No, I'm not spoiled.
  13. carlos

    moose river

    Thanks, I got some good tips from a local also.
  14. carlos

    moose river

    I will be spending Tuesday and Wednesday in Jackman, accompanying my wife who is doing some work out there for the fed govt. I will have time to fish and I'm wondering where is good on the Moose. I have fished the outlet of Brassau in the past, but wasn't impressed. I'd like to find something closer to Jackman. Do you gentleman have any advise?
  15. carlos

    Fishing Egg Patterns

    I was talking to one of our maine fisheries biologists and his opinion would suggest that most of you are delusional. According to him trout don't feed on sucker eggs.