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  1. Northland Taxidermy

    Ray Stout

    I only met Ray a couple of times so I did not know him well, but he was certainly just as some of you have described, kind and willing to help out. I was fortunate enough to get his fly tying vise when he gave up on tying, the very same one that's in that video. I do tie a lot of flies, but I doubt it will ever see as many flies of mine as it did from Ray. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ray's family during this time.
  2. Northland Taxidermy

    Freeze Up 2018

  3. Northland Taxidermy

    Annual Freeze Up

    Be there at zero dark thirty as usual!
  4. Northland Taxidermy

    I love this pack!

    I have the Patagonia roll top backpack and love that as well.
  5. Northland Taxidermy


    It will work for a little while. Aquaseal is the way to go.
  6. Northland Taxidermy

    It's Been a Busy Season So Far

    alas - Thank you. I have been pretty happy with the Nikon AW-120 camera. For a waterproof point and shoot it gets it done. arrowflinger - Thanks. You'll have to get out before things warm up too much! Definitely an accelerated season most places this year.
  7. Northland Taxidermy

    Mo' water, Mo problems

    Nice work Tom. I will have to make the journey out that way eventually!
  8. Northland Taxidermy

    It's Been a Busy Season So Far

    LaBonte - That is a sink tip line. I think it is the Rio 24ft sink tip in 150 grain. Plecain - I would go with North, West, and East. I try to stay away from those southern areas.
  9. Northland Taxidermy

    It's Been a Busy Season So Far

    I haven't posted anything on here for a while so I figured I could take a minute to share what I have been up to since the season opened in March. I have been getting out regularly despite some brutal weather patterns that we have had to deal with. We may have had a mild winter but that didn't stop the temps from plunging back to well below freezing on multiple trips for me so far, sometimes into the single digits. The cold weather may have been tough to fish in but there were still fish to be caught. I have been all over the state and found willing fish on almost every trip out. Hope everyone else is making the most of the season so far. In order to support the addiction I have also been busy at the fly tying station. Overall I would say the fishing has been OK...but nothing to write home about.
  10. Northland Taxidermy

    North Platte

    I still can't see the pics Tim.
  11. Northland Taxidermy

    Free Drawing, thanks for supporting the site!

    I'm in!
  12. Northland Taxidermy

    Freeze up 2016!

    Ian, If you don't mind sharing the photos with everyone then you can also click the share button on the dropbox folder and then just copy the URL link and post it here or send to whoever you want to share with. They will only be able to see the folder that you share the link for.
  13. Northland Taxidermy

    who is going?

    I will be there! Don't plan on having any ice to skate on with this weather. Pond is still wide open right now.
  14. Northland Taxidermy

    Penobscot River sustenance fishing

    The ruling essentially confirms exactly how the State has been managing and patrolling the Penobscot River all along. The Penobscot tribe was trying to get a ruling claiming that they owned the water, river bottom, and islands from bank to bank. They actually tried requiring duck hunters to buy a "river access pass" to even hunt from a boat floating between the banks in the 2014 season when this whole fiasco first came to light. A ruling in the tribes favor would have no doubt had an impact on the recreational activities at some point in the future. As the ruling stands now, carry on as you have in the past!
  15. Northland Taxidermy

    Can you believe

    MAC - it could have been...