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  1. saltyshores

    Night parking

    Very true. The officer I spoke with gave me the Scarborough police dispatcher phone number as 883-6361. Tell the dispatcher where you are parking and that you are fishing.
  2. saltyshores


    Sorry about the falls, Mal. When we come back in a week or so, we're bringing our 18' Lund Alaskan ,and there is a spot in it for you while this newbie learns to catch stripers from a boat;
  3. saltyshores

    Nice fish

    Whar a great day of catching big stripers, James! Those are some real hogs. Great to see.
  4. saltyshores

    two very good choices ..which one

    I fished Red River Camps in the past and loved it. Camps were on a pond loaded with wild trout that cooperated on dry flies. They have canoes at several nearby trout ponds for guests to use. Excellent food.
  5. saltyshores

    Rod fell apart

    Nice idea and job. You started with lemons, but then made lemonade
  6. saltyshores

    Radio Silence... Either....

    New endangered species candidate?????
  7. saltyshores

    Hooked a big one

    Her sturgeon was about 3 feet long. The ones that were swimming around our feet were the same size. It was quite a sight to see as I had never seen that before. Alan said he sees them often.
  8. saltyshores

    Hooked a big one

    Your story and photo gave me goosebumps as I read it. Martha caught an uncommon fish a week ago -- got a sturgeon in shallow water. She, Alan, and I had several of them around us one morning.
  9. saltyshores

    Extended Heat and Striper Behavior

    Martha and I fished stripers from a boat the other day and did better by fishing along the ledges. Even got a double.
  10. saltyshores

    Broken rods

    I was in a local fly shop recently when a fisherman came in with a broken rod, he snapped 8" off the end. The owner very willingly replaced the rod, which had a tag of $240 on it. I was impressed with the owner's service. He discussed broken rods with the 4 of us who were in his shop at the time, demonstrating how improper stress on a rod in the wrong direction can create a "pinch point", which is where the rod is very likely to break. I have heard other saltwater fishermen tell stories of breaking rods. I don't know a lot about the subject, but know that there's a lot of good tips from you folks about our high-risk sport for rods.
  11. saltyshores

    Good day to be a two hander !

    Nice going, Alan! It was great fishing with you and Scott. Thanks for the two-handed casting instruction and your patience with me as a newbie. I love your GoPro photos, Scott. Alan, I went home and ordered another lazar line plus the AirFlo Scandi compact line we tried on the new rod. The shop has them on order
  12. saltyshores


    Remember how dry and hot it was last summer? No doubt, those conditions had a bad effect on fish, especially coldwater specoes, resulting in loss of potential holdover fish.
  13. saltyshores

    Wanna talk bugs?

    Fantastic pictures! Thanks
  14. saltyshores

    Two handers in the salt

    Maine's certified spey casting instructor is Richard Ostrowski, just west of Waterville. He is a wonderful and very knowledgeable man and a very good teacher. His website is www.mainespeycastingschool.com/ (Sorry I don't know how to do hyperlinks)
  15. saltyshores

    Two handers in the salt

    What a different feeling I had this aftrnoon to use a 2- handed rod after 50 years and a million casts by single-handed casting. I look forward to learning how to use the "rocket launcher". Adam: We are fishing with Mal in the morning.