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  1. jcoops

    Indian Pond Access?

    I've been stuck on that road before. I don't believe it is a great spring option, but might be okay in drier seasons.
  2. jcoops

    Marlborough fly fishing show

    Enjoyed the show this year more than in recent years...though the amount of tying materials is still not what it used to be.
  3. jcoops

    Some changes for 2018

    I know a couple of people with the Stealthcraft who love it. Definitely a serious boat. I'm looking at Stealthcraft's Hooligan raft this year for some really out of the way crap.
  4. jcoops

    Trolling - Harpswell

    I don't know how sea worthy your boat will be, but there is a lot of unproductive water there too. Some coves and points in the river can be good on moving tides, but outside the river, particularly if you head north (err...east) can be some excellent fishing. But, it isn't always for the faint of heart. Be careful and pick your days.
  5. jcoops


    For bite tippets to pike/musky flies I usually use a non-slip mono loop knot (rapala). Actually, I use that for most streamers where the tippet size is over 10lb. lots of perfection loops and double overhand loops, and I love the slim beauty for lines of dramatically different diameters.
  6. jcoops

    Dinks, dinks, dinks

    I fished more or less all day with very similar results. Raised a few better fish in a couple of spots, fished big flies, small flies, beaches, river mouths, rock ledges. Everywhere held fish, but lot's of dinkage.
  7. jcoops

    Casco bay...

    Agree with others. The spots I fish in the boat are the same as the ones I fish from shore. The big advantage is that I can cover more of them more quickly and easily. Sure there are spots you can only get to in the boat, but they aren't generally so different other than easement rights.
  8. jcoops


    I've heard a fair amount about pogies this year. That is a big key to draw blues up to Maine.
  9. jcoops


    My process is: 1) Tie flies 2) Put flies in boxes for fishing 3) Use 5 out of every 100 flies because I tie all the time and rarely fish 4) transfer 95 flies into old shoe boxes in closets for a couple years. 5) Sort those boxes into those with expensive hooks vs cheaper models 6) Reclaim expensive hooks with razor blade, throw out cheap ones. I think about giving them away, but usually don't get around to it or know anyone who really wants all of those pike/bass/musky streamers.
  10. jcoops

    Is the extra cost worth it to you?

    Not to me. Sometime I wish I had a couple of hatch reels but I find even the mid range equipment (maybe low range actually <$300) rods are still better than high end from 25 years ago and work just fine. I do like nice fly lines, actually.
  11. jcoops

    lakers from shore?

    The Lake Trout in Sebago are predisposed to spawn in a bit deeper water (I heard this was a deliberate trait they incorporated when initially stocking...but can't verify). I have been taking my boat to rock piles in 10-20 feet and finding them...but the weather can be fickle and as noted, it closes out quickly.
  12. jcoops

    There be alewives!

    do you find that shad typically pre-date the stripers? I have typically found their timing is similar...but that might just be a function of my interest.
  13. jcoops

    What is your list on the fly only?

    I have most of those minus the florida species, walleye. Can add bluefish, choggies (Rhode Island term, cunner is most places), tautog (blackfish), Sea Robin, fluke, windowpane flounder, scup (porgie) and squid...most of those incidental. Also king salmon, bull trout, lake trout, lahontan cutthroat, westslope cutthroat, mountain (I think) whitefish, musky, rock bass, I think sheepshead on Lake Champlain, but I can't remember if that was fly fishing or not as I did both in college. Not sure I should count my foul hooked stuff like sturgeon, sand eels, ocean herring, etc. what a list for a teenager! My son is up over 20 species at 7 years old, but not many of those are on a fly yet. It is a fun thing to track. We keep a photo journal of his species.
  14. jcoops

    Fly ID

    Looks easy enough to tie. About what size hook is that? Maybe I'll try a couple this afternoon and post a picture back to see if it is close. I haven't tied many small streamers in recent memory, but I think I have what's needed for this one.