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  1. Fish Stalker

    happy 4th

    Have a safe 4th everyone
  2. Fish Stalker

    Happy friday

  3. http://www.thisisfly.com/
  4. http://afs.allenpress.com/perlserv/?reques...FM08-085.1&ct=1 if this is affecting the atlantic on the river and even the small mouth bass population,interesting study
  5. Fish Stalker

    how tough are you?

  6. Fish Stalker

    this is different

    they look pretty cool, what do you think? http://www.helterskeletons.com/index.htm
  7. Fish Stalker

    weather web site

  8. Fish Stalker

    tide site

  9. Fish Stalker

    Piscataquis River

    I spoke to an old guy a few years back that told me that he catches some very nice fish in the winter, big ones at that, could of been a fish tail;) Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service
  10. Fish Stalker

    Any ideas?

    going to get a rubber thing today hunter you are more than welcome to ride down with me, it will be fun:) Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service
  11. Fish Stalker

    Striper outing

    why wouldn't the weekend before be 4th weekend? It is planned based on tide not the holiday, camp eaton is no longer doing tenting. I will find out more once I speak to a campground about the weekend Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service
  12. Fish Stalker

    World Record Striper,the story

    I hooked a world record two summers ago, no need to go to Atalntic city;) Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service
  13. Fish Stalker

    Striper outing

    I have moved the Striper Outing to July. July would be a better month with more opportunities for hooks-ups;) We are looking at July 7th weekend because of the tide. I will contact the same campground to see if they have room. It was a perfect location. I will also check out motels but they will be pricey. The downside is lodging will be more expensive but there will be a lot of fish around Start Planning
  14. Fish Stalker

    Any ideas?

    I tried behind the knees trick after icing. the grip is a issue, I will try the rubber mat. I can't go for a few weeks, wife has surgery at 11:30 today and I have to stay close to home Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service
  15. Fish Stalker

    Any ideas?

    longer? I put a ice pack on it for half hour Kevin McKay Fish Stalker Guide Service