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  1. Life is good out here in Washington. My family is doing great and the fish have been treating me well. My son is growing like a weed...
  2. Sorry guys, its been way too long since I checked in to say hello and see how everyone was doing. I hope all is well and 2013 brings you plenty of fish! There's a small chance that work may bring me back east this year, so you never know when you might bump into me... Take care, Wayne
  3. wj35


    Whew, I thought someone might of stole it off my deck.
  4. For the past month I've been busy at work and with craziness going on at home, so I haven't been able to venture out for more than a day trip to some of my favorite area creeks and rivers. Not that I'm complaining though, because the fishing has been pretty stellar with the hopper fishing coming into full swing and I was able to catch sweet green drake hatch too! Rather than posting a ton of photos just head on over to my blog to check out what I've been up to. http://thetyingvice.blogspot.com/ I hope this summer has been treating all of you guys well, and maybe I'll see some of you in September when I come home for a visit. Cheers, Wayne
  5. wj35

    Father's Day

    Glad to see you're fishing my old haunts! -Wayne
  6. Fishing has been good in Washington even though most rivers in my area remain unfishable. Desert creeks and lakes have been producing some really nice fish, and with cooler than normal weather the water temps have remained low. Streamers have been the ticket in the creeks, but the damsels and hoppers are starting to come out in force so hopefully my next trip will have some more topwater action. I won't be fishing my local river anytime soon.
  7. wj35

    calm before the storm

    Great report, Tom! I'm heading over your way in a couple weeks for some stonefly action.
  8. wj35

    Southern Maine trout ponds.

    Well, one that I've fished...
  9. wj35

    Southern Maine trout ponds.

    You should also check out Milliken Mills Pond and Cascade Brook off of Blue Point Road.
  10. wj35

    Last Night on the Saco

    Nice report, mac!
  11. wj35

    Southern Maine trout ponds.

    Here are a few that I'd try. Round Pond (Dayton) Barker Pond (Dayton) Kennebunk Pond Horn Pond Deer Pond All of these ponds fish really well in October & November and you'll most likely be the one fishing. There's also one small pond in Southern York County that has rainbows, but I'll let you figure that one out.
  12. wj35

    Southern Maine Small Stream

    Nice! I miss fishing those small brooks.
  13. wj35


    Done. Thanks, Kevin!
  14. I decided that I'd give poppers a try this week. They are pretty fun to tie/paint!
  15. wj35

    Salmonfly Madness

    Glad to see you caught the early part of the hatch. The fishing gets tougher once they get their fill!