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  1. LeeG


    Joe Go up stream toward the Dam, go in on the road that is on the west side of the river and follow the path until you see the river turn up toward the dam, fish between there and the red markers just below the Dam. Use very small nymphs, size 20 or smaller. Thanks Lee
  2. LeeG

    20 inch club

    My best fish ever, was a 40 inch female Atlantic Salmon, from the Little Southwest Miramichi river New Brunswick Canada. Spring fish (2002) and the guide (holding the fish) said she may go 18 lbs, would have been 27 lbs in the fall. Thanks Lee
  3. Kevin Here are two screen shots of the forum, one not logged in and one logged in. Sorry just relized you can't attach files to a forum post. That is short sitted on your part. So I have loaded them on my site and will link to them. Before login After login Thanks Lee
  4. Hi Just came over, it has been awhile since I logged in and this is what I am seeing. First I like the new home page, colors are are much better then before. But what is going on when I login to the forum??? The whole color scheme changes to a default color for the forum and there is no way back to the home page. Just my two cents. Lee
  5. LeeG

    Casting For Recovery

    Russ It's $5.00 per fly entered. Thanks Lee
  6. Looks much better, Thank You. Lee
  7. Kevin First what setting should I change and what color is the text for the hatch pages?? Thanks Lee
  8. Kevin Your hatch pages are unreadable with that BLACK text you are using, change it to WHITE so we can read it. Also why can't anyone create a blog, I think you would like to have others post info on the site. Little short sited if you ask me. Thanks Lee
  9. LeeG


    Is that the hatchery pool on Grand Lake Stream?? If not where is it?? Lee Lee Goldsmith
  10. LeeG

    My New Site

    Go to my site and check out s2ary articles about Salt Marshes, they are very educational. Lee Lee Goldsmith
  11. LeeG

    Sebego Lake

    First off you guys are all wrong about the wind. The more wind you have the better the fishing, and if it is coming out of the north west or north east the better. The best day of fishing I had there was when there were 4 to 5 foot swells and the fish will be there and they will strike big time. Not sure what is going on over there but you may want to check with someone local about fishing from the beach. It may be off limits because of the water district. You can still fish from the dock on the left side of the beach. Lee Lee Goldsmith