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    woodland maine is home but i live in rockland
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    fly fishing fly tying trolling canoing camping playing cribbage learning to read new rivers learning to catch more fish on fly rod

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  1. calvin kidder

    Ayuh, summah's ovah.

    i have about 12 so far and it still snowing hard tight lines
  2. calvin kidder

    Maine Fly Fishing Show pictures

    sweet again it was nice seeing every one tight lines p.s. even kimo
  3. calvin kidder

    December Free drawing 2013

    calvin kidder tight lines
  4. calvin kidder

    come and say hi today

    great time glad to see every one now were the pictures tight lines
  5. calvin kidder

    Maine Fly Fishing Show december 7th

    mr t and i are planning to come down hope to see you there tight lines
  6. calvin kidder

    happy thankgivng

    just what to wish every one a happy thank giving tight lines
  7. calvin kidder

    November Free drawing 2013

    look like a great book add me please tight lines
  8. calvin kidder

    My day at Grand Lake Stream

    nice report russ tght lines
  9. calvin kidder

    newest member is steelheadmck

    you mean he has been on hear reading the froum all along tight lines
  10. calvin kidder

    October 2013 free drawing

    calvin kidder
  11. calvin kidder

    Fishing in Rangeley

    nice guys wish i was up there tight lines
  12. calvin kidder

    Rangeley Area Season's End

    sweet tight lines
  13. nice fish tight lines
  14. calvin kidder

    Old Dog, and a final trip!

    hey old dog if you are on facebook send me a friend request so we can talk without having t use the froums tight lines
  15. calvin kidder

    Old Dog, and a final trip!

    those are some real nice fish hope fully mabe next year bg might be able to work someting out so that i can meet you and fish tight lines