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    Fly fishing salt and tidal waters in Me..trolling Lake Ontario and fishing the Ny rivers 35 yrs, and 30 yrs fishing the Fl. Keys, or anything that looks good!

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  1. A tiger's strike is vicious, most always on the swing in shallow riffles between pools. Late fall always seemed best, The Westfield River holds big fish,and is stocked heavy with big fish .A number of guys help spread the fish out using quads. You can fish this stretch all winter. There are many holes 20 feet deep.
  2. RAW

    Atlantic salmon vs Steelhead

    Great answer
  3. Yes tigers, all caught in fast water in "Westfield"
  4. RAW

    Atlantic salmon vs Steelhead

    on what basis? Fight, challenge ,allure, history
  5. Oswego, a scary place because you need to pay attention !!!! and wear the very best corkers you can buy. Years ago access was easy from Leto's side or by the power plant, but a some drowning of guys not paying attention some recommended barriers are marked off. We fish this places I'm mentioning only when there is these flows. 5000-6000 cfms and nothing out of power house over flow.you can get to the middle easily above the ropes and fish the SLOT down the middle. There's a warning sound if they are going to run water. Longer rods are mostly used now to keep your fly line out of some rocks that stick out. Swing flies, fies or eggs under large floats with extra long drifts, or bottom bouncing .In Nov. before water flows crank, pin rod guys can be everywhere. My youngest son now only center pins. Deadly not fair, Awesome. One photo shows water water flowing only over boards and you can walk anywhere you want. Because of water flows you need to beef up your gear if you want to get the big pigs, or stay with 7=8wt if your fishing edges for steelie, rainbows and browns small stuff under 10 lbs!!!!! An added little known thing is that the water flow is as pictured late Oct. thru Nov. you can get monster lakers fishing tight to dam and let the water keep a large red egg pulled into curl. 5-17 lbs. When you hook one they stay where they are hooked and barely move. Not exciting but they are pretty in their fall colors. If you go and the water is under 4500 you go to below Bridie Manor area and cross the low rails and not high rocks to get out to the slot in the middle. Pics will give you the area.
  6. James you win a cigar, wife and family cannot be beat
  7. I'll wait for 5 guesses t hen I'll post some pics and details
  8. Son and a buddy had a nice 2 hrs. last week, Buddy's camera reads 2009 since then
  9. RAW

    Proper care of fly lines for wintah.

    Great advice that I adhere to. as you get olderwe need every option for easier casting. Mal.how do I remove cigar burns?
  10. RAW

    Atlantic salmon vs Steelhead

    The steelhead are just as acrobatic as atlantics ,we try to keep them down due to conditions with obstacles, brush, stumps etc. Each fish has its fighting attributes, I prefer Steelhead, as you can get them to act any way you want by how you fight them. Trolling the Lake we get steelhead to jump 4' out of the water and cross 2-3 lines. They go nuts when there's heavy resistance on the line. The DSR and Oswego draw very large numbers of Canadians who look to get that jumping fish.
  11. RAW

    Atlantic salmon vs Steelhead

    I've never caught a west coast steelhead, but I have many guide friends with whom we discuss the differences, West coast steelhead are mostly ocean run fish and Lake Ontario fish are lake born and do not exit. West coast rivers are faster on avg. and get more guys swinging flies, On the Salmon River there are about 2 months that are decent for swinging flies(October and Nov).this is what I call hot fish, always on the move and will race 6-10' to eat.(Oswego is where its really noticeable) All tribs of Lake Ontario get salmon starting in August till Nov. The eggs are the winter food for Browns, Rainbows and Steelhead and rivers are not long. So the the BRS's look for spawning salmon and the spewn eggs that are 5-6 months available. So catching Steelhead in NY is much more predicable and close. Atlantic salmon were plentiful when there was a stocking program which never made it.Atlantics were too slow moving the rivers and fell pray to illegal techniques. In fishing Cape Breton I found Atlantic fishing somewhat easy in grilse time and far more difficult in fall do to condition's. Certainly the lore of Atlantics is an amazing tradition which most older guys appreciate.
  12. This is the only way I fish steelhead since 1996,Most everyone whom I've showed this still does it. Starting at the Pineville bridge upper river to Altmar in Dec. thru March steelhead are on the sides. They are in holding mode before spawn and exert as little energy as possible. The spots I fish have few people or none, If more than 1 ,I will move on. Steellhead have had months of pressure and are extremely finicky. There are as many as 40-50 spots I fish that offer you the opportunity to cast less than 20' and land most fish with no net.Steelhead can be in 1' to 3' of water, under the bank, logs, in grass edges and tucked up tight to ledges.I will fish only an area that I can land him in and easily beach , just hooking is not an option. My day consists of 4 time periods, each about an to an hour and half. In the cold start at about 8 to actually enter water, I prefer not to fight ice on line, guides or the waters edge,(Steelhead) are smart .Early mornings I want the sun to shine on the side I'm fishing. The best steelhead time in winter is a warming sun even if its 10 degrees. So I head to certain places depending flows,450-700 is perfect. When I am at the banks edge I will look up and down river for the water that smooth with a seam(faster edge) It could be 2-3 ' from bank to 15'.rarily any more will I work . If there are guys walking in the middle or chasing fish hooked up ,find another spot, there lots more than think or no of if you use what I just told you, A premium area will have overhanging trees or tree trunks. I will approach the holding area/seam transition about 3/4 of the length up to the beginning, So a run of 20' I will be casting at about 5' from start of area,7/8 wt rod with high float line to 8lb Ande envy to a foam bell cork as small as I can use to a micro swivel and a 1" tag and 5lb tippet of 3' with an AB split about 18" from globug. The tag is if I shorten up to 20" of tippet so split goes on tag. The number food of steelhead is eggs, started with salmon eggs and now micro brown trout eggs (candy) . A steelhead now with not move more than a foot laterally for food, He will eat all winter, but will not waste energy. (there is an insect time, brief when eggs are buried. (Stick with eggs. Jan thrus early Feb). Remember eggs do not swim up down or anything. they pretty mush stay on bottom to 6" off. If your egg is moving all over or twitching the A+ intelligent steelhead with brilliant vision will give it no looks and eventually go hide. So now we come to the cast that is deadly and will give you results. You need to be able to roll cast short distances and be quick. From the bank or edge my first cast will be about 8'above edge,as soon as float begins to track I will mend 2 times to get 6-8' of line above the float, critical to the perfect parallel drift.Your float shoud match current speed, fly line never ever even or below float, always 4-5' a bove float ,raise or lower your to adjust speed ,but do not shorten distance from float to fly line. With distance of cast and mend you will have enough out to cover 25' Your float should be traveling water speed, no drag! and your egg pattern will exactly mimicking a single egg. When you get this drift right you will feel like every cast will draw a strike,It can and Will. So now your in the drift,any hesitation to the float can be a fish 50% of the time and most guys miss it. Patience, success is being quick but subtle,just a twitch if nothing continue drift and you did not blow the hole. If you hook up,get the rod down slightly towards bank with a very light drag or none, use your hands for sensing.If you hit the fish,rod goes high he off and running and 2 things happen, Your chances are now horrible and you blew the hole. Use the rod ands to give to the fish who really does not want to leave his domain ,Use give and take pressure and you can keep him quiet and in the hole or at the bottom, Very light side pressure with rod low gets results.90 % of all of my fish landed are without a net. Go it alone and let no none get in water. You have already gotten what you want, These winter lies can yield 2-5 fish ! After a hookup I'll give it a 10 min break, check equip. hydrate, (smile and repeat) Stay on sun ,then switch to opposite side. 2-4 is my final time . So I will not give spots,You will have to learn waterflows ,track and record. These scenarios are always there. I've shown and taught many anglers,My best example; 3 Mainers met me the nite before at the motel. We got to the river at 8 am ,no one on the side I wanted, 1 angler hooked 3 in the first hour and broke all off holding reel. He then got frustrated and went fishless the next 1.5hours. #2 could not get the drift down down, went fish less and never returned. # 3 got the drift down in 10 mins and beached 4 out 6 hookups , Every hookup we smoked cigars with grins ear to ear. Simply put he got 25-30' drifts. perfect in interrupted drifts. We fished other spots and he continued his grinning. Yes he still goes, and he uses this drift any places he fishes . First time we fished my area he got 9 browns and had never done this type fishing before. He is still excited and fishes effortlessly. Read this over 2-3 times, for the newbies or guys who to fish with no crowds This is 25 yrs or proven fishing.
  13. RAW


    out Mal! winter months bring the best humor in you ,the poem and this. Your just a large warm Xmas bear
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    ny 2017 trip 1

    Awesome Kevin, solitude can bring such rewards! glad you did some recon, You always get great pics,
  15. I watch the movie Christmas Story almost every day, and sometimes Its a Wonderful life. As you age and little ones grow its a fantastic time!