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    Fly fishing is a hobby, not a religion

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  1. flytire


    maxima 2/3 the diameter of the fly line. do the math
  2. flytire

    abu optic flies

  3. flytire

    abu optic flies

    playboy (black version) pinup (red) reference
  4. flytire

    reel on rod cases

  5. flytire

    sunken stone

  6. flytire

    youtube or Vimeo

    length of video has nothing to do whether its on vimeo vs youtube length of video is irrelevant with a fast forward button
  7. flytire

    Fly Fishing Red Sox Pitcher

    at 11-17 last season he needs to put the rod and reel away and concentrate on pitching
  8. flytire

    Fly Fishing Red Sox Pitcher

    me too but i dont pitch
  9. flytire

    winter streamer swap

    what kind of "streamers" r u looking for? freashwater saltwater featherwings bucktails traditional pike/muskie etc etc etc
  10. flytire

    nymphs with or without

    3 ways unweighted weighted (lead free wire) bead head (with and without lead free wire)
  11. flytire

    Son of a b....

    you know that word i was getting set-up to do some power painted jigs and went to lift the jar but the cover wasnt exactly screwed on and you know the rest of the story what is your son of a b..... moment
  12. flytire

    Mixing Bucktail

  13. flytire

    Camera to take photos of flies

    i use a tripod mounted nikon coolpix s9900 camera set to the "A" aperture setting with the macro turned on. this camera is also capable of HD videos but i'm not doing any of those i have 2 daylight spectrum lights as shown below. i use different colored paper/foam sheets from the craft store for the background and a sunpak led light that is handheld either above or below the fly i post process all of my photos using photoscape free editing software. overkill maybe but it works for me http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/index.php i prefer to show the fly as the subject and not a cluttered and messy background. some folks may like it but i dont i do not get high quality photos using a cell phone background ideas countertop samples paint chip cards paper/foam sheets etc etc etc. be creative