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  1. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Lost Hat

    I found this hat while fishing a river in Maine. I'd be pretty bummed if I lost my fishing hat so I thought I'd post a photo of it here. If this is yours call the fly shop and tell us where you lost it. jim
  2. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    New addition at camp

    That's pretty cool. Is that roof 4 mil or 6 mil? jim
  3. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Flies for Kids

    Folks, I’d like you to meet Hardison, the 2018 winner of the Flies for Kids raffle. He is proudly holding his brand new Echo Gecko fly rod. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. I’d like to give a special thanks to all of the fly tiers from around this great country who selflessly donated flies to this event so that money could be raised to buy fly tying kits for kids. These fly tiers are the backbone to Flies for Kids, without their generous donation of flies this event would never happen. Thank you to everyone who purchased raffle tickets. The money that you spent is as much a donation to the kids as it is a chance to win all of the flies. Your donation helps start kids on a path to experiencing the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors through fly fishing. Nowadays, that is no small accomplishment. Thank you also to Wapsi for giving us a discount on their fly tying kits that we hand out to kids and to Cliff Outdoors for donating a Bugger Beast fly box to put the donated flies into. Cheers to you all! jim
  4. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros Expo

    We don't list the winners of the raffles. We feel that if they want people to know that they won something they will announce it themselves. We have shown pictures of a couple of previous Flies for Kids winners who told us they didn't mind that we did it. We have also had winners who wished to remain anonymous and we respect that decision. As far as how far away people come to attend our show, we get a fair amount from as far away as Vermont and Rhode Island. The furthest winner of a raffle that I can remember was New York State but I know that we've had people attend that were from much further away who happened to be in the area during the Expo. jim
  5. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Anadromous Brown Trout

    They do still stock browns in tidal waters. I know those stocked browns travel to different river systems along the coast because they've been caught in areas that the state doesn't stock. I've caught 3" long browns in the Mousam and Ogunquit rivers and since the state doesn't stock them that small they're must be some successful spawning happening. jim
  6. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros Expo

    Thanks for attending the show Folks! I'm glad that you had a good time. To those that couldn't make it, we'll be doing it again next year on March 30th, 2019. jim
  7. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop 15th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    Thanks Folks, Really glad that you enjoyed it. jim
  8. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Flies for Kids

    I think that we are well over $3000.00 worth of flies now for the Flies for Kids raffle. All of the boxes are full and we've added more. The amount of donations have been incredible! I'm humbled by all of the talented fly tiers from around the country that have donated to this. Thank you all so very much. Last chance to buy a raffle ticket to win the entire lot will be at the close of our Expo this Saturday March 31st at 4:00 pm. Best of luck to all who have helped out by buying tickets. Your part in this raffle is as important as the tiers who have donated flies. jim
  9. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop 15th Annual Fly Fishing Expo

    I've just added a few more attractions to our Fly Fishing Expo. Check out the post above. jim
  10. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop


    Easy there Jumbo, we don't want to break any federal laws. I'll be bringing an axe, that thing has to land sometime...
  11. Hey Folks, We cordially invite you all to our 14th Annual Fly fishing Expo on March 31st, 2018, 9:00am till 4:00pm here at Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop. All of us here look forward to seeing you at this festive event rain or shine. We've added some new attractions to our Fly Fishing Expo so please read below. Topher Browne Spey Casting Demo Expert two-handed caster Topher Browne will be here to show interested attendees some of the techniques for overhead casting with a two-hander that will be helpful for those who want to chase stripers or anything else with the extra long rod. Topher's spey casting demonstration will be held at the main casting area. Start time: 1:00 PM ********* Finn Utility Ryan McDonald, Founder and Chief Designer of Finn Utility will be here displaying his beautiful fishing accessories. Ryan is dedicated to respecting the tradition of fly fishing, using high quality materials and hand-making his products in the USA. ********* Author Bob Leeman Bob Leeman will be here offering book signings of his famous books, Trolling Flies for Trout & Salmon, Fly Fishing Maine Rivers, Brooks and Streams, and The Sportsman Angler. ********* Rio Leader and Tippet Deal For anyone who purchases a Premium Rio Fly Line during our event you will receive your choice of either of the following: Two pack of Powerflex Leaders 50 yard Powerflex Tippet Spool ********** Free Fly Line With a purchase of over $300.00 you will receive a free fly line of your choice. Spey lines not included. Limited to one line per person during the event. Sale items not included. ********* Maine Artist David B. Tibbetts David will be here displaying his beautiful watercolors. His work captures many of the historic fisheries from our wonderful state. David will have a free raffle for one of his prints named, “Saint Anne Salmon”. ********* Saco Salmon Restoration Alliance Come and meet some of the members from this alliance that have worked with tireless dedication to restore the Atlantic Salmon Runs to the Saco River. ********* Malden Anglers The folks from Malden Anglers have had a clubhouse on a private trout pond in Saugus for 70 years. These guys do a lot for Project Healing Waters and kids. Malden Anglers will be raffling off a free one year membership for one person. $200.00 value. ********* Dick Brown Member of Malden Anglers and author of two bonefishing classics, Fly Fishing for Bonefish and Bonefish Fly Patterns will be tying flies at the Malden Anglers table. ********* Bamboo Rod Builder Fred Kretchman of F. D. Kretchman Rod Co. will be here demonstrating some of the intricacies involved in crafting bamboo fly rods. This includes splitting cane, preparing nodes and strips, tapering strips, gluing strips together, straightening sections, and mounting guides and other hardware. He will bring both raw materials and rod sections in various stages of completion as well as some equipment including the Morgan Hand Mill. In addition to demonstrating the bamboo rod building process he will have completed rods on display and some vintage rods, some of which will be for sale. I am excited to announce that we now have a cane cabinet in our store which is dedicated to display new bamboo fly rods built by Fred. As of this moment we have several of Fred's exquisitely crafted cane rods in stock. ********* Test Cast 100'S of Fly Rods!! We'll have a large casting area alongside a huge tent under which will be a diverse display of fly rods manned by reps or pros from Winston, Scott, Echo, Redington, Hatch, Fishpond, Simms, Rio, Nautilus, Regal and more. They will have fly rods set up and ready to compare and test cast at your leisure. Look below for more details on casting your way into a raffle. ********* Professional Fly Tying Demo Joe Calcavecchia of Saltwater Custom Flies and Scott Fisher. Joe is an extraordinary production fly tier who ties thousands of flies each year. His patterns are innovative, time tested and a staple in many fly fishers fly boxes. Scott is one of those rare people who can find intricate detail in things many people would consider mundane. He has applied that ability to his inspection of all the fish foods he can get his hands on and adds those intricacies to make flies to imitate all types of fish food. He is very innovative in his fly designs and in his use of common materials. Both Joe and Scott’s attention to detail is evident in their flies and a testament to their skills. Joe and Scott will be tying in our shop during the entire day and will be willing to help you with any fly tying questions that you may have. Every fly that Joe and Scott tie during the Expo will be put into two Eldredge Bros. fly boxes and given away as a door prize. ********* Cast to Win Prizes From Scott, Redington, Winston and Echo. If you test cast any fly rod, the representative from that rod company will give you a ticket to put in that company's bucket. At the end of the day we will be drawing a winner from each company's bucket for the following items. SCOTT: Scott Flex Fly Rod (your choice of length and line weight) - $475.00value REDINGTON: Hydrogen Rod (your choice of length and line weight) $349.99 value WINSTON: Kairos Fly Rod (your choice of length and line weight) - $475.00 value ECHO: Echo Ion XL Fly Rod (your choice of line weight) - $169.99 value ********* FISHPOND Try on any Fishpond pack or vest and enter a raffle to win a Lodgepole Fishing Satchel, Gunnison Guide Pack and Fishpond Trucker Hat $253.00 value ********* HATCH Enter a raffle to win Hatch Nomad Pliers with Black Leather Sheath $300.00 value ********* REGAL VISES Enter a raffle to win a Daylight D40 LED Smart Lamp $120.00 value ********* Door Prizes Dyna King Kingfisher Vise (your choice of pedestal or c-clamp) - $175.00 value 1 of 2 $50.00 gift certificates for Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop All of the flies tied by Joe Calcavecchia during the Expo in an Eldredge Bros Fly Box All of flies tied by Scott Fisher during the Expo in an Eldredge Bros Fly Box ********* Raffle A Four Hour Guided Fishing Trip w / Capt. Mark Drummond - $350.00 value Tickets: $5.00 each or $20.00 for 5 tickets ********* Maine Sporting Camps We will have Maine Sporting Camps here. These camps offer some of the best fishing opportunities that can be found in Maine. Trout live in beautiful places and that's where these camps are located. Each camp is offering a free raffle for a weekend at their beautiful Camps. Bradford Camps: Free Lodging for Two People Two Days, Two Nights, with Meals $800.00 value Red River Camps: Free Lodging for Two People Two Days, Two Nights, with Meals $610.00 value Grants Kennebago Camps: Free Lodging for Two People Two Days, Two Nights, with Meals $780.00 value Tim Pond Camps: Free Lodging for One Person, Two Nights, Two Days, with Meals $554.30 value. ********* Free Antique Tackle Appraisals Sante Giuliani, Danny LeRoux, Jeff Knapp and vintage tackle author, Catskill Fly Fishing Museum Lifetime Achievement award A. J. Campbell will be here doing free Antique Tackle Appraisals. Sante, Jeff and A. J.are some of the country's leading authorities on antique bamboo fly rods and Danny is an authority on old plugs, lures, reels, tackle boxes and anything that ever went into them. If you've got an old cane rod or just anything fishing related that's old, bring it by. You might be sitting on a gold mine or you may have something with a very interesting history. ********* Flies For Kids Raffle The day of the our Expo will be the last chance to buy a raffle ticket to win Cliff Bugger Beast fly boxes stuffed full of flies tied for many species of fish and donated by generous tiers from all over the USA. The proceeds raised in this raffle will go towards purchasing fly tying kits from Wapsi to hand out to kids who show an interest in learning to tie flies. Tickets are $10.00 per chance and the lucky winner takes all! At the time of this mailing the value of these flies is close to $3000.00. ********* Free Food Great Bay Trout Unlimited will be the chefs on hand. They will have the grills fired up and be serving free hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers, soda, and coffee all day long to anyone with an appetite. There will be free breakfast sandwiches & doughnuts for those who get here early. All food is provided by Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop. ********* This is a "RAIN OR SHINE OR SNOW OR HAIL OR WICKED NASTY NOREASTER" event. As we've seen from previous events there is no weather that can stop a hardy New Englander from following their passion and we will not let it stop us from holding this event. Don't forget to bring your foul weather gear so you can still cast rods comfortably if it's sleeting sideways. March 31st, 2018 from 9:00am till 4:00pm here at the Fly Shop. Address is below or you can e-mail or call the shop for directions. ********* We've got more coming so stay tuned for more updates about the Expo! Thanks, Jim Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop PO Box 69 1480 US Rt 1 Cape Neddick Maine 03902 207-363-9269 or 9279 877-427-9345 toll free info@eldredgeflyshop.com www.eldredgeflyshop.com
  12. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Flies for Kids

    Flies for Kids Flies for Kids was created because there are many children out there who would love to get into fly fishing and fly tying but they have no one in their life that does either. For the past 4 years Flies for Kids has raised enough money to buy almost 160 fly tying kits at a generous discount from Wapsi. 132 of those kits have been given to children who expressed an interest in learning to tie their own flies. Here is how it works; Fly tiers from around the country donate flies that we put into Cliff Bugger Beast fly boxes donated by Cliff Outdoors and waterproof swing leaf boxes donated by EBFS. As each fly box fills to capacity we add another fly box and start to fill that one. We've just received another Cliff Bugger Beast box that we are starting to fill. We sell raffle tickets for chances to win the entire selection of flies and Cliff boxes that we've accumulated. Tickets are $10.00 each. We draw a winner the night after our Fly Fishing Expo which will be March 31st, 2018 Guidelines: All that we ask of the tiers who donate flies is that they donate new, unused flies. Please don't empty your fly box and send us those old, rusted, chewed up, fished once, flies that you're glad to be rid of. Honestly, we won't use those flies. These flies are meant to attract people to donate by purchasing raffle tickets. Please send flies or money for raffle tickets, including your name, phone number and address to; Eldredge Bros Fly Shop P. O. Box 69 1480 US Rt. 1 Cape Neddick, Me. 03902 ATTN: Flies for Kids Email any questions that you might have to info@eldredgeflyshop.com We'd like to thank the hundreds of tiers that have generously donated flies to Flies for Kids over the past 4 years. We would also like to thank the kind lady, who won all of the flies last year, for selflessly donating all of them to this years raffle. They are valued at well over $2000.00. She insisted on remaining anonymous.
  13. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop Seminars 2018

    I doubt we'll ever be able to fit the rod building class into a Saturday. Sorry. jim
  14. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop Seminars 2018

    I'm excited to announce the schedule for our 2018 Seminars. This is the time of year that I start getting excited about spending time at my tying table filling up my depleted fly boxes with trusty old patterns and creating some new ones. Now that the warm weather months have come to an end and we're all staring down a long 4 months of cold days, our classes offer a chance to get out of the house and share in the camaraderie of our sport. A few hours or a day spent in our comfortable classroom with kindred souls can help shed the winter blues and add to your success on your next fishing adventure. All of our classes have been very popular and tend to fill to capacity quickly. If you see a class that you would like to take we suggest that you sign up early to reserve a seat. Payment in full is required at the time of sign up to hold a space in any of the classes. BEGINNERS FLY TYING CLASSFly tying is a rewarding aspect of fly fishing; catching fish on a fly one has tied themselves adds greatly to the satisfaction of fly fishing. This class is designed to take a student with limited or no tying experience and teach them how to tie effective patterns on their own. The student will learn about the tools required to tie flies and the selection and preparation of materials. You will be taught all of the proper techniques to take a bare hook to the finished fly. From there the class will go on to tie a few proven patterns for fishing in freshwater. The basic techniques learned in this class will be applicable to all types of fly patterns. 1st - 4 Day Class: January ~ Sunday 7th, Saturday 13th, Saturday 20th, Saturday 27th, 2018 ~ 9:00am - 11:00amInstructor: Mark DrummondCost: $40.00 per student 2nd - 4 Day Class: February ~ Saturday 10th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 25th, March Saturday 3rd, 2018 ~ 9:00am -11:00amInstructor: Barry HayesCost: $40.00 per student ROD BUILDING CLASS Our rod building seminars are taught by Mark Drummond and Jim Bernstein. They have a combined experience of over 60 years of rod building and have been instructing at our shop for the past 17 years. At one time Mark built rods for Joe Sterling's fly shop in Danforth, Maine. During this seminar students will learn all of the proper techniques for building a custom rod. Some of the techniques taught will be: Selecting the right blank and components, splining blanks, attaching tip-tops, thread wrapping, cork drilling and gluing, filing guide feet, signing rods, applying finish, and attaching reel seats. Cork grips will be made by gluing multiple cork rings together and then shaping on a lathe so that it custom-fits comfortably your hand. Past students have expressed that this was the most satisfying part of building a custom fly rod. Class Instructor: Mark Drummond Date: January 28th, February 4th, 11th , make up day Feb.18th ~ 2018Time: 9:00am - 4:00pmCost: $50.00 If blank and components are bought at E.B.F.SCost: $200.00 If student provides blank and componentsClass size limited to 4 students TOM GAGNON - TROUT FLIES ~ TOP TO BOTTOM ~ FULL DAY CLASS In his all day class Tom will teach students a number of trout flies he has found effective throughout the season in Montana. While the emphasis will be on dry flies, expect to tie a wide range of patterns from streamers to midges. Tom will introduce you to some new materials and techniques you probably haven't used before that create durable and fish catching flies that are sure to fool fish on your home waters. I’ve had the pleasure to watch Tom grow as a fly tyer since his high school days when he started working at our shop. Tom now lives and guides in Montana. He has tied thousands of exceptional flies for our shop. Date: January 6th, 2018Time: 9:00am till 4:00pm ~ Full Day ClassCost: $65.00 per Student, Lunch is includedStudents must have at least a basic knowledge of fly tying to participate in this classClasses are limited to 13 students ~ Payment in full is required to hold a space in these classesAll tying materials (except thread) will be supplied ~ Students need only to bring their vises, tools & thread SCOTT FISHER ~ ESSENTIAL NORTHEAST SALTWATER BAITFISH FLIES ~ FULL DAY CLASSScott is one of those rare people who can find intimate detail in things many people would consider mundane. He has applied that ability to his inspection of all the fish foods he can get his hands on. His photograph database of these fish foods goes back more than twenty years and could fill volumes and I'm hopeful they someday will. Scott was a friend to the late Jack Gartside and shared many fishing adventures with him. Under Jack's tutelage Scott learned many of the intricacies of making flies to imitate all types of fish food and like Jack, Scott is very innovative in his fly designs and in his use of common materials. With his ability as an artist he brought all of these influences together to create some of the most deadly fly patterns, most of which he's kept secret for years. I knew Scott for ten years before he showed me one pattern...just one. It was a jaw dropping moment. During Scott's full day class on February 3rd he'll be "letting some cats out of the bag". Scott will be teaching students how to tie flies that imitate northeast saltwater baitfish. Date: February 3rd, 2018Time: 9:00am till 4:00pm ~ Full Day ClassCost: $65.00 per Student, Lunch is includedStudents must have at least a basic knowledge of fly tying to participate in this classClasses are limited to 13 students ~ Payment in full is required to hold a space in these classesAll tying materials (except thread) will be supplied ~ Students need only to bring their vises, tools & thread MICHAEL DECOTEAU ~ SWINGING FLIES FOR STEELHEAD AND TROUT ~ FULL DAY CLASS When Michael started fishing for steelhead it was only natural that he would use his great talents as an artist and fly tier to create stunning steelhead patterns for swinging. He has fished the Great Lakes tributaries from the Ohio/Michigan border to the Salmon River in Pulaski, NY. His beautiful fly patterns for Great Lakes steelhead can be seen on the Steelhead Alley Tying Blog and in Jay Nicholas and Rob Russell’s new book “Modern Steelhead Flies”. Michael is a Signature Tier for HMH Vises. He has owned and operated his fly tying and fly art company RedSpotFly, and has been a guide for Greg Senyo’s Steelhead Alley Outfitters and for Reel Action Fly Fishing’s Alaska lodge Date: February 24th, 2018Time: 9:00am till 4:00pm ~ Full Day ClassCost: $65.00 per Student, Lunch is included Students must have at least a basic knowledge of fly tying to participate in this class Classes are limited to 13 students ~ Payment in full is required to hold a space in these classes All tying materials (except thread) will be supplied ~ Students need only to bring their vises, tools & thread JOE CORDEIRO ~ FLATWING STYLE FLIES ~ TIPS AND TECHNIQUES ~ FULL DAY CLASS Fly Tying is not just a hobby for this man it is a passion. Joe Cordeiro has been tying flies for over 25 years. For the past 10 years he has focused on teaching, presenting at shows and marketing his salt water flies. Growing up near Cape Cod, Joe has been fishing his entire life. Fly fishing has been his main focus for many years. His salt water fly patterns have been tested in New England waters for their imitation of the bait they mimic. Many of his patterns are lifelike imitations. The materials used are natural and add to the authenticity of his creations. Joe’s style and tying technique have caught the attention and admiration of many seasoned fly tiers and his passion for the art is evident.Date: March 10th, 2018Time: 9:00am till 4:00pm ~ Full Day ClassCost: $85.00 per Student, Lunch is included Students must have at least a basic knowledge of fly tying to participate in this class Classes are limited to 13 students ~ Payment in full is required to hold a space in these classes All tying materials (except thread) will be supplied ~ Students need only to bring their vises, tools & thread FLY TYING JAMBOREES Fly Tying Jamborees are 2 or 3 hour classes that are taught by local guides, fly shop employees, production fly tyers, or local tyers who excel at the art of fly tying. They will teach students to tie fly patterns that they have confidence fishing. I'm excited about the lineup of tying classes we are offering this year. We have several returning instructors that have new flies to teach, including Barry Hayes, Travis Shipman, Tom Cormier, Dave Parent, James Browne, Jeff Faulkner, Joe Julian, and Joe Calcavecchia. These guys have so many killer patterns up their sleeves that their classes never become stale. Each one of them spends almost as much time at the vise as they do on the water. They are constantly creating new patterns or tweaking old ones to fool more fish. Their knowledge of tying materials and flies is surpassed only by their ability to bend those materials to their will and fish those flies effectively in their respective waters. No matter where you fish -- around the corner or around the world -- our instructors will have something new and informative to contribute to your tying and fishing knowledge. January 13th ~ Barry Hayes ~ Early Season Nymphs & Wets January 20st ~ Travis Shipman ~ Effective All Season Flies for Maine Stripers January 27th ~ Tom Cormier ~ Non-Traditional Trout Flies February 10th ~ Dave Parent ~ Woven Nymphs February 17th ~ James Browne ~ Striper Flies March 3th ~ Jeff Faulkner ~ Alewife Patterns for all Fish Species March 17th ~ Joe Julian ~ Trout Flies March 24th ~ Joe Calcavecchia ~ Striper Flies March 31st ~ Eldredge Bros. Fly Fishing Expo Time: 1:00pm till 3:00pm on SaturdaysCost: $15.00 / per student *Students must have basic knowledge of fly tying to participate in this class *Students must sign up and pay in advance to secure a seat in class *Open seats are available on a first come first serve basis *Students must bring their own tools, vise, and thread *Demo vises will be available for students who wish to test drive a different vise *Eldredge Bros. will supply all tying material, except thread 14th ANNUAL FREEZE UP I want to invite everyone to our 14th Annual Freeze Up event. This is an event we do in partnership with maineflyfish.com. The Freeze Up is a celebration of the beginning of a new year of fly fishing. Kevin McKay and I will be there at first light with the grills fired up making coffee and breakfast sandwiches till the eggs run out. There will also be many other people there with all types of food. We’ll have a casting competition for adults and youths and the winners will each be awarded an Echo fly rod. We’ll also have a tying competition and the winner will receive a 4 hour guided striper trip with Maine Guide and Captain Mark Drummond. And there is fishing!! The event is held on the banks of the Mighty Mousam River where there are brown trout, brook trout and sea run trout. This is a great gathering of fly fishers and always a festive event. Bring the whole family! If you plan to attend and fish, don’t forget to get your 2018 Maine fishing license. Date; January 7th, 2018Time: First light till late afternoon or so.Location: Rogers Park (Rogers Pond), off of Water Street, Kennebunk Maine. Rain or Snow date: There is no rain or snow date. We do this event no matter what the conditions. A few years ago we did it during a horrendous blizzard and 40 people showed up and we all had a blast. PRIVATE CASTING INSTRUCTION Most fly fishers never take a casting lesson when in reality we could better our casting greatly with just one lesson. If you are just learning to fly fish, a casting lesson will get you started on the right track before you've accumulated years of bad habits. One lesson can also save years of frustration and bad casting. If you've been fly casting for a long time but you just can't seem to increase your casting distance or you constantly get knots (wind knots are not caused by the wind) in your leader or maybe your fly always hits the water behind you, a one hour lesson could work wonders for your casting and fishing. You will not just learn how to cast, you will be shown the mechanics of fly casting and how and why it works. Our goal is to have you come away from your lesson with an improved casting stroke and the ability to diagnose mistakes that may arise in the future and correct them using the knowledge gained from that lesson. Instructor ~ Jim Bernstein By Appointment / Cost: $50.00 / Hour SPEY CASTING CLASS For many years now we have been hosting full day Spey Casting classes taught by local experts. Our Spey classes are limited to 6 students. All skill levels are welcome. We have a few two handed rod & reel outfits available for those who don't have them. At this time we don’t have any dates scheduled but we are taking names on waiting list. This will be a first come first served list so if you are interested please call or email the shop to get on the waiting list. FLOAT TUBE JAMBOREES Float Tube Jamborees are festive gatherings of float tubers. We have been doing our Float Tube Jamborees for almost 20 years. Most of our floats are done in the tidal section of the York River. The York is a beautiful tidal river and is perfect for float-tubing due to its light boat traffic. The targeted species will be striped bass, which can be found in all sizes in the river.Date: To Be AnnouncedCost: FREE 14th ANNUAL FLY FISHING EXPO ~ MARCH 31st, 2018 Come join this festive event held annually here at Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop. Some of the highlights of this all-day event include: Antique tackle appraisals, spey casting demonstrations, test casting 100’s of fly rods, door prizes, raffles, professional fly tying demos, bamboo rod building demonstrations, representatives from major tackle companies and Maine sporting camps, chances to win free fly rods and reels, free food and drink, and much more! Stay tuned for more information about this great event.
  15. Eldredge Bros. Fly Shop

    Float Tube Jamboree

    Thanks for joining us Ken. I think it was one of the best float tube trips to date! I'd like to put another one together for this year if i can find the time. jim