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  1. Zeeflyfisherman

    In touch gold vs in touch perception

    I think I’ll end up getting both Down the road. Both have similar profiles with the perception having a shorter head and taper. Which probably means better shooting and wind resistance, which are the selling points for me. But there’s no doubt that both are top notch lines. Thanks for you help!
  2. Zeeflyfisherman

    In touch gold vs in touch perception

    I’m stuck between the two. Has any one tried both? Thoughts? Opinions? Expirences?
  3. Zeeflyfisherman

    My 2017

    Just a few Memoral moments from this year!
  4. Zeeflyfisherman

    The fluro mono debate!

    Abrasion resistant yet less tensil strength as compared to similar diameter mono. Fluro is a denser material and must sink faster. but I feel like it's the difference between millimeters per second in sink rate. Would you really consider this an advantage? And as for visibility, for the longest time I used maxima Chamaeleon, Even in gin clear water like GLS. As far as I could tell I wasn't catching fewer fish than other guys who most undoubtably were using a traditional untinted mono or Fluro leader. Just food for thought I guess
  5. Zeeflyfisherman

    The fluro mono debate!

    What are your guys thoughts? Do you feel like there's an advantage to one or the other? Is the price of Fluor carbon justifiable? I personally feel like Fluor is a placebo.
  6. Zeeflyfisherman

    The "Fall Fizzle".

    Maybe it's time to start stocking lakes
  7. Zeeflyfisherman

    Which is your Favorite and why?

    A blue back trout in full fall colors is to me, hands down my favorite fish in Maine. And the fact that they only occur in pristine waters means that catching one is truly an honor.
  8. Zeeflyfisherman


    I know the feeling I had a Fish do that to me in the spring on the flats! Wanted to believe it was a sturgeon but deep down you know the truth! Exhilarating was an understatement!
  9. Zeeflyfisherman

    Fall tactics

    What is the best tactic to catch the slobs in the fall? I know that's a very pinpointed question but what seems to work the best for you guys.
  10. Zeeflyfisherman

    Any reports from the county?

    I'll be heading upta presque isle next month just curious how the fishing has been. What patterns have been working? Dries nymphs streamers.
  11. Zeeflyfisherman

    Anybody got the Blues?

    Any updates on the blues??? I still have yet to see any sign of em but word has it people have caught a few on conventional tackle offshore.
  12. Zeeflyfisherman

    Anybody got the Blues?

    Bluefish are a bucket list fish for me! Ever since I started fishing the salt 4 years ago, I have been foaming at the mouth to get a hook into one of these torpedoes!
  13. Zeeflyfisherman

    Tomorrow morning anyone?

    Fishing the morning tide tomorrow. Anybody else interested? PM if so!
  14. Zeeflyfisherman

    Is it safe?

    Just because we live in Maine does not mean we are immune to sharks. The warmer the water gets the more common it will become. I've never felt unsafe in our waters. And basking commonly come close to shore in the summer and 9 times out of 10 that's what these sightings are. But we do have lots of seals...
  15. Zeeflyfisherman

    Out gunned?

    I may look into getting a 10 wt. I think it will give me a bit of a confidence boost when I hook into another slob. Thanks for the feed back guys.