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  1. dryflie

    Drifting the West Branch

    There is a take out about 1.5 miles below Big Eddy. It is about midway between Little A and Big A. Shuttles are available from Chewonki if scheduled the day before.
  2. dryflie

    Wanna talk bugs?

    We'll see the same sort of hatch on Nesowadnehunk lake around the 4th. I've got similar pictures of spinners from several years ago.
  3. dryflie

    Black Flies

    Over Memorial day Weekend and into the beginning of June they were absolutely horrible, worst in many many years. Don't know how they are now.
  4. For historical reference. This past weekend was a pretty typical Memorial Day Weekend fishing wise at least. As usual, prior to the weekend at least, the best and most fish came for streamers. Black and Gray Ghosts, Barnes Specials, even 9-3's. The fish like a pretty good sized streamer, less so the tiny ones, It's too early for any sort of hatch so the fish are eager for a meal. And these are big fish, many taken were 20+ in size, my buddy Bruce hooked one that approached 25''. As the weather improved and the sun dominated the day streamers were less effective and we turned to nymphing with pretty good results. Finally after several days of sun a small Hendrickson hatch came off and we had a couple evenings of good fishing. Lots of people also hit the ponds with some good days and some poor. As I said a pretty typical late May fishing weekend up there. The weather was, as usual, erratic, some rain, sun, wind, warm days and cold/cool nights. But oh the bugs, a banner year for sure. Honestly the worst I can remember. When you put together the heat we had, the sun, no breeze, WOW. And finally I fished the entire time with an older Bamboo rod given to me by Ray Stout. Oh forgot to mention the floating smelt was working great on a couple of days, lots of fish smashing them. Tough to hook fish on them as usual. Anyway Ray's rod was probably from the 50's and pretty heavy, a 3 piece 9ft it was ugly at first but once I stuck with it I actually got to like it and used it the entire weekend. I plan to stick with it come caddis time.
  5. dryflie

    Massive Fish Cop check at Telos Bridge this year

    The Memorial Day warden stop at Telos Bridge has been an off and on thing for years. They might skip a year or two but always return. So if you're up the road fishing the ponds be prepared on any and all Memorial Day Weekends.
  6. dryflie

    Back up rod?

    I'm down to 12 backup rods now.
  7. dryflie

    First week of july

    The Roach probably won't be crowded because its generally over there by the end of June, water levels drop and the stream heats up. Best spot up this way is the West Branch, it's crowded on the 4th for sure but the area is big and includes rivers, streams and ponds generally all fishing well. Get a camping spot at Chewonki's Big Eddy Campground.
  8. dryflie

    Temperatures Up North

    Well the trailer just might burn to the ground. So....
  9. dryflie

    Temperatures Up North

    Ossipee, nope no click no spark and no gas smell either. I'm going to try replacing the sail switch first and then the control board. If all that fails perhaps a new ignitor. Little by little I'll fix the bastage. They really are simple but the fail safes built in can really get in the way, better safe than sorry.
  10. dryflie

    Scott A3 905

    SALE PENDING. I have way too many 5 wts so sell my Scott A3 905 with case. Great condition. I'm asking $125 and I'll pay shipping and insurance.
  11. dryflie

    Ray Stout

    I took some pictures of Ray's Fly rod. Don't really know if this is something Ray built himself or if he had it built. It's in excellent shape, doesn't seem to have been fished much. All the ferrules had a solid POP. It's a three piece with all sections even. The wraps are very elaborate, multi-colored with random wraps. As best my eyes can tell these are all thread wraps and not the cheap tape wraps used on Japanese rods. I also noticed for the first time that the grip is removable and design for use as both a fly reel and a spinning reel. I know rods built many years ago had this feature but don't know if this is an indication of its age. I think it will throw a 6wt just fine but there's no line weight indicated on the rod.
  12. dryflie

    Getting Old Sucks...

    The problem with the sticking is that if you're standing mid stream and want to fold the staff away you've got nothing to whack it against.
  13. dryflie

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I used to make my own wading staffs but found them annoying, they don't fold up and get out of the way, always between your legs or wrapped up in your line. Ski poles will be the same I fear.
  14. dryflie

    Getting Old Sucks...

    As best I know a Simms staff never sticks. At least mine never has. True story....20 years ago or so we were preparing for a western trip. My buddy Jack was in his 60s then and thought a wading staff made sense. We had a local fly shop that sold simms and Folstaf and being the penny pincher he was he went with the slightly cheaper FolStaf. The guy at the shop gave him the same advice, if it sticks just tap it on you hand or something else and it will come apart. Well stick it did, first day so a whack on the hand was tried, didn't work, then a tree trunk. Next day sticks again, this time on a rock unsticks it,. And so it goes for the entire week, sticks, hit a rock, hit another rock. By the time we get back that thing has been beat to death and looks it. Jack says lets take a ride to the shop, he''s going to ask them to replace it. Now Jack was a good customer but even that wasn't enough this time. They laughed at him and told him to go home.
  15. dryflie

    Getting Old Sucks...

    I've been using a Simms staff for years and I'm very happy with it. However I bought it years ago when the price was about $100, now they are approaching $150. Folstaf makes a nice staff and a bit cheaper. I don't suggest people go cheap on these things as there will come a time when you'll really be leaning on it in fast water and cheap will hurt you. Get the best you can afford.