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  1. dryflie

    chandler lake camps?

    Been t0 years since we stayed at Grants. At that time the cabins were just junk. Have they been maintained?? Must say though that Kennebago is a beautiful lake.
  2. dryflie

    Let's talk wet flies?

    To old folks this is a Wet Fly. And this is a Soft Hackle. I suspect you want to talk about Soft Hackles.
  3. dryflie

    Book recommendations

    A true doorstop or book end. I've got a copy and it makes a great reference source.
  4. dryflie

    Book recommendations

    Careful, this is what happens when you start reading about fly Fishing. Books 2 by t3 r11, on Flickr Books 1 by t3 r11, on Flickr
  5. dryflie

    Book recommendations

    No doubt you'll get a ton of recommendations for John Gierach, he writes good readers but is somewhat light on the literary quality. Id suggest looking first at your local library, if its a decent size you might get lucky. . Here's my list, I could add a hundred to this short list but it's a start. The River Why by David James Duncan Trout Magic. and Trout Magic by Robert Traver A River Trilogy: A Fly-Fishing Life. by W. D. Wetherell Trout and Their Food: A Compact Guide for Fly Fishers. by Dave Whitlock The Fly-Fisher's Craft: The Art and History. Darrel Martin
  6. dryflie

    Help : Veterans fly tying group

    Box in the mail, look for it on Tuesday.
  7. dryflie

    Help : Veterans fly tying group

    Putting together a big box of stuff. Wish I had more tools to offer but those are the only items I seem to have very few of. Wondering if you have considered approaching fly shops or LL Bean to ask for donations?? Perhaps that's a way to acquire items like bobbins and scissors.
  8. dryflie

    Help : Veterans fly tying group

    First fly I learned to tie, 50 years ago, was a simple Mickey Finn. Super simple. Next was a GHE.
  9. dryflie

    Help : Veterans fly tying group

    Justin, LaChance your last name?
  10. dryflie

    Help : Veterans fly tying group

    I have lots of stuff to donate. Need to know where to send it.
  11. dryflie

    Great Story

  12. dryflie

    Fly rod building

    Mudhole is an excellent source and Cote''s is a great source for supplies but Look at hook and hackle as well. http://www.hookhack.com/
  13. dryflie

    EO Flies

    Well depending on your preferences and level of experience there are a number of flies that will work (conditions permitting). Streamers will work, also small caddis dries and emergers and then the regular smaller nymphs. If you don't tie then best to stop at Danny's fly shop in Greenville and pick up the items they suggest. If you tie then small down wing caddis, BWOs (really small), small ants, Adams, Royal Wulffs, smaller Black Ghosts, Grey Ghosts, Barnes, Nymphs like the PT, Copper Johns, etc. Critical on the EO is to find the fish, holding pool and lanes are known to the regulars so keep your eyes open if you're new to the river.
  14. dryflie

    Lodging in Greenville?

    Does it have to be in Greenville? How about Wilsons on the EO or Maynard''s on the Moose?? Both are about $50 a night.
  15. dryflie

    tennis elbow?

    That's a shame. Truth be told CDC oil is now widely used for all sorts of pain and inflammation. https://www.amazon.com/ADHEMP-Recover-Arthritis-Soreness-Inflammation/dp/B078XQJQ9X/ref=sr_1_9_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1536334309&sr=8-9&keywords=canabas+oil