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Found 1 result

  1. I got an infection in my little finger (seemingly out of nowhere, but my arthritis medicine does suppress the immune system) that started last Saturday and kept getting rapidly worse in spite of getting medical attention promptly. Went into urgent care the morning after I first noticed it and back to my GP a couple days later because it wasn't getting better. GP gave me stronger antibiotics and wanted to follow up in two weeks, but two days later started getting little abscesses on my pinky so I went to the ER and had an operation early this morning. I seem to be doing well now, but they took a lot of dead tissue out of my finger and there's a chance the infection could make a comeback if it is resistant to the antibiotics. They don't know what the bacteria is yet, but there is flesh eating bacteria in the ocean and a lot of other bodies of water, so take this stuff seriously guys. If you get an infection get it treated ASAP and if doesn't seem to be getting better be very proactive in getting it treated. Don't worry that you're wasting the doctor or ER's time, there's nasty stuff out there and things can go from bad to worse quick. I still have my pinky today only because I didn't get complacent or try to tough it out. I may have happened to me because I'd the medicine I was taking, but spend time in the water also puts fishermen at increased risk. Take care, and I think I'll be OK.