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Maine Fly Fish

4 Things to always,always check before you go.

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1) NOAA weather bouy 44007- gives you wave hieght and interval and water temperatures for the Portland area.

2) Marine forecast GYX- gives the marine forecast for southern Maine.

3) Weather forecast-any local weather channel.

4)Intellicast radar/Berlin N.H.- gives the local radar to check approaching storms.

It takes only a couple minutes to check these sites for all the weather and sea conditions for your day of fishing.I find the sites and put them on my favorites list for fast,easy access.This is important information.It maybe just might save your life. ;)

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Check to see that the New second Hand fly rod & reel that you just traded other stuff for actually turns in the direction you want.  I was at Limestone Trout Club and cast out only to find the reel handles on the wrong side and the drag spool turning backwards. the guy used his other had to fish.  so I had to fish backwards for a few hours until I pulled off all the line and 4 million feet of backing to change it around. then the drag worked backwards. a guy from the trout club who knew about fly reels popped my reel apart flipped the Do Hicky Gizmo thingabobbit and I was good to go.

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