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Posting Images from Gallery...just needs an easy editing tweak

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Inserting images from the Gallery is the same as from Photobucket.

click on image

choose "Share Links"

select the top box that begins with "[url="

right-click and COPY

*then on your entry page:

click on the link icon

right-click and "Paste..As Text"...

Saving with POST (is a lot cleaner)

..HOWEVER... there's a little dangling code previous to working code that you can see(see images inserted below) after you initially POST. *As seen in my 1st reply...(that dangling code precedes the image(s).

Just re-edit your entry and delete the first 15 characters of the code string:(the characters below)...

These 15 characters appear on the line above each image inserted...before the good code.


(immediately following is the good code, starting with " [url=http " , so take your time when deleting.)

..and then you have the images cleanly inserted..(scroll down to the last reply).

**Maybe it's easier/quicker to link from Photobucket...but fwiw...if your image is only in the Gallery, here.



If any Admins see any security issues with the procedure, feel free to delete this post and following replies..., Kevin's mailbox is full....

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I don't know/think this procedure above has any validity anymore..........






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