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Fishing Reports Forum Guidlines

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Please exercise care and caution when posting fishing reports to this forum as it is viewed by literally thousands of people.  Take care not to name or identify sensitive areas.  See “Spot Burning” definition below.  Also try not to post that a particular spot is fishing extremely well right now, see “Hot-spotting” definition below.  Please do post pictures, and please do give details on your trip. These guidelines do not necessarily apply to the Salt Water forum, where people are fishing migratory fish in the ocean and rely on the sharing of info to follow the migration.   Above all, thank you for sharing your fishing experience with us! :) 


Spot Burning:  This happens when someone posts a report that identifies not only a body of water, but also a specific fishing spot on that body of water.  This can result in many people who follow the forum showing up to fish there the next day, and for some time after that.  Please avoid naming the place you were fishing, and also avoid pictures that would clearly identify where you were fishing (Welcome to the ***** River sign in the background, or a landmark to that effect).  On larger more popular rivers this is less of a concern, but still try not to identify a specific area.  On smaller less abundant water, like trout streams and ponds, please take great care not to identify the water or even area.  These smaller resources could be effectively fished out by a spot burn.  Remember that although the number of posting members here is relatively small, the number of people who read the forum is many thousands.  If you wish to share specifics, please do so with members via Private Messages (PM’s).


Hot Spotting:  This happens when someone makes a post like:  “Just got back from the Presumpscot River, it was on fire!  Caught a salmon every cast!  Best spot was right below the aquarium.”  Although the Presumpscot is a well-known river, a post like this can result in a huge crowd there for the next week or two.  Not a good thing.  Consider waiting a week or more before posting the report, and leave names out of it please.


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