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Buying Worms/Crawlers Southern Maine?

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I've been ice fishing for the past three years and this is the first year I've caught anything.  The curse has been lifted.  I started using worms this year as they're easier to rig up and I don't have to get my hands wet like with shiners.  

I guess Saco Bay Tackle is closed on Sundays.  There anywhere else in the area to buys worms and crawlers?  The ice even safe to go out on today?

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Johnson's Sporting Goods in Portland and Brunswick carries crawlers and worms.  I don't get out much south of the big city, so can't offer much guidance there.  Cabela's maybe?

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FREE WORMS & Night Crawlers.  

This is a WIN-WIN Deal. You Get FREE Worms and Don't have to pay some expensive Health Club to sweat with the Oldies and I get Shite for growing Veggies.

Just need you to help a bit by shoveling out a few trailers of Manure into my garden. Then when you pull the weeds between the veggies the Worms magically come up by the handfuls!   Actually it takes a bit more than that. Compost needs to be added and also lime to balance the pH as well as wood stove ashes and the moisture content and temperature must be kept correct.

I have sources that will load Manure that they want to get rid of with a bucket on their tractor and can load it in my trailer then you can help me by shoveling it out into my garden,

I used to be able to unload 2-4 tons a day by myself, now I’m lucky if I can even pick up a shovel and a beer.

As you unload the manure you will find hundreds of worms and night crawlers (Nightwalkers) that you can have for bait.

And you can have some fresh veggies in summer for helping and you can then become a proud member of the very swank exclusive elite club and have all the privileges and honor that is bestowed upon those of us that have wafted the fragrances of aromatic manure.  

WANTED: FREE MANURE for my garden. (Old Orchard Beach/Saco Southern Maine)
Disabled Veteran  I Have a trailer to haul it short distances if you can load it with your tractor but I am not able to shovel it.

If you need a place to dump Manure for Free from Cows, Alpacas, Llamas, Goats, Rabbits, Chickens or even well composted aged Horse manure. Easy Access for a truck or trailer.
Old Orchard Beach/Saco Southern Maine area.

( Funky Logo Patch not included unless you want to embroider them yourselves, they are really cool!)

Send me an Email.

Manure Mover.jpg

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