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Is Ice considered Still Water? Have Cabin Fevour!

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Is Ice considered Still Water?

I have not gone Ice fishing in many years for a lot of reasons.  Usually its about 70 Degrees too Cold outside and I dont know if I can actually carry my Grandfathers old Ice Chipper nevermind have the energy to make a hole.  i do have a minnow bucket and a ice ladle but don't have an ice fishing rod.

Maybe can use a old broken fresh water rod or just a stick with some string on it. Don't need reel if I use a drop line.

Anyone in the Southern Maine area want to go try our luck at catching something? 

I may be able to try it on  Non-Chemo-Therapy days for a little while. 

maybe Smelts in some coastal river?



Have Cabin Fevour!




Cabin Fevor.jpg

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Come join over in the iceshanty forum in the Maine section, you'll prob be able to find someone in your area to help you out.

I picked up some vmc tungsten ice flies to try this year, looks just like a large bead head pheasant tail nymph. I thought about putting it on with a strike indicator and let it sit in the hole just for poops and giggles. 

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